atc3-300x94Al-KO ATC Trailer Control Available at Davan

 Anyone who has experienced a ‘Snake’ when towing a caravan knows how sensitively the car and caravan can react at high speeds.  Any slight evasive action, side wind or turbulence from overtaking a heavy goods vehicle, can quickly create a wobbly driving situation that can result in the loss of control of the car and caravan.  When this happens the atc1results can be extremely devastating.

AL-KO ATC Trailer Control is an ingeniously simple electronic control system that reacts quickly to maintain the stability of the car and caravan.  AL-KO ATC is similar to the ESP-system on some cars, continually monitoring the stability of the caravan during a journey and only operates when an unstable condition is encountered.  When AL-KO ATC activates, the driver will feel the vehicle being slowed down by the soft braking of the caravan.

Lateral acceleration sensors in the AL-KO ATC unit, monitor’s for slight side movements or a large swinging motion of a caravan. Even before an ESP system has detected the swinging movements of the car, AL-KO ATC applies the brakes on the caravan to slow the outfit down, before the situation becomes critical.  The braking operation lasts only for a few seconds, long enough to re-establish control and to bring the car and caravan back to a safe driving condition. For more details contact Mark Parker our Al-Ko specialist on 01934 510606 or contact us here.