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The Davan Ex-Demo Caravan Sale is NOW ON!

The list is changing daily, as models sell out from factory stocks, so if there is a new model caravan you are looking for why not give us a call for the latest deals. Don't delay call today.

With all of our 2018 Demo caravans as well as our crazy low prices we are also giving you the option of one of the following; a Powrtouch freedom caravan mover, a Vango Air awning (selected models  and sizes available or a £500 accessory voucher)

Please call the sales team for more details on 01934 524241

From Lunar we only have 1 of the award winning Venus models and just 1 Clubman left.

There also some incredible offers on 2018 Ex-Demo caravans from Knaus and Weinsberg.

ManufacturerModelModel No.Sale offer 
SwiftEccles530£1000 off
SwiftEccles560£1000 off
SwiftEccles590£1000 off
SwiftChallenger480£1000 off
SwiftChallenger560£1000 off
SwiftChallenger565£1000 off
SwiftChallenger580£1000 offSOLD
SwiftChallenger635£1000 off
SwiftChallenger645£1000 off
SwiftConqueror480£1250 off
SwiftConqueror560£1250 off
SwiftConqueror580£1250 off
SwiftConqueror630£1250 offSOLD
SwiftConqueror645£1250 off
SwiftConqueror650£1250 off
SwiftElegance530£2000 off
SwiftElegance645£2000 off
SwiftElegance650£2000 off
SwiftSpriteMajor 4SB£1000 off
SwiftSpriteMajor 4EB£1000 offSOLD
SwiftSpriteMajor 6TD£1000 off
SwiftSpriteQuattro FB£1000 off
SwiftSpriteQuattro EB£1000 off
SwiftBase Camp£1000 off
LunarAriva£1000 offSOLD
LunarClubmanSE£1500 off
LunarVenus550£750 off
WeinsbergCaraone390£750 off
WeinsbergCaraone400£750 off
KnausStarclass565£1000 off
KnausSport and Fun£750 offSOLD