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The Davan Ex-Demo Sale is NOW ON!

The list is changing daily, as models sell out from factory stocks, so if there is a new model caravan you are looking for why not give us a call for the latest deals. Don't delay call today.

From Lunar we only have 1 of the award winning Venus models and just 1 Clubman left.

There also some incredible offers on 2018 Ex-Demo caravans from Knaus and Weinsberg.

ManufacturerModelModel No.Sale offer 
SwiftEccles530£1000 off
SwiftEccles560£1000 off
SwiftEccles590£1000 off
SwiftChallenger480£1000 off
SwiftChallenger560£1000 off
SwiftChallenger565£1000 off
SwiftChallenger580£1000 offSOLD
SwiftChallenger635£1000 off
SwiftChallenger645£1000 off
SwiftConqueror480£1250 off
SwiftConqueror560£1250 off
SwiftConqueror580£1250 off
SwiftConqueror630£1250 offSOLD
SwiftConqueror645£1250 off
SwiftConqueror650£1250 off
SwiftElegance530£2000 off
SwiftElegance645£2000 off
SwiftElegance650£2000 off
SwiftSpriteMajor 4SB£1000 off
SwiftSpriteMajor 4EB£1000 offSOLD
SwiftSpriteMajor 6TD£1000 off
SwiftSpriteQuattro FB£1000 off
SwiftSpriteQuattro EB£1000 off
SwiftBase Camp£1000 off
LunarAriva£1000 offSOLD
LunarClubmanSE£1500 off
LunarVenus550£750 off
WeinsbergeCaraone390£750 off
WeinsbergeCaraone400£750 off
KnausStarclass565£1000 off
KnausSport and Fun£750 offSOLD