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Visit Davan, a Knaus Motorhomes South West main dealer and discover your perfect vehicle.

Visit Davan, a Knaus Motorhomes South West main dealer and discover your perfect vehicle.

Choose your perfect motorhome from a variety of Knaus Motorhomes at Davan in Weston-super-Mare. We’ll guide you through the selection of Knaus Motorhomes incorporating eleven outstanding ranges with numerous layouts for 2021.The complete Knaus Motorhomes range is available from Davan, including:


Big enough for a motorhome feel but compact enough for winding coastal roads. Attention to detail is reflected inside and outside in beautiful contours and numerous applications in finest leather look. At just 2.20 metres wide with all its equipment and, as the lightest vehicle in its class, it will inspire those who value large payload reserves.

Example from this Knaus Motorhomes range:

650 MEG

  • Cat-Eye hybrid rear lights with LED technology
  • 48mm underfloor with XPS insulation for an optimum indoor climate
  • Spacious seating area with LED TV.
  • Large 3-flame cooker
  • Wardrobe under the beds
  • Spacious bathroom with practical shower cubicle
Knaus vanti 2020
Knaus Van Ti Plus 2020


Your freedom PLUS

Here we have what belongs together. The manoeuvrability of the KNAUS VAN TI series and the chassis features of the MAN TGE. With TGE, MAN has developed a particularly automotive base vehicle, which impresses with exceptional driving dynamics, state‐of‐the‐art assistance systems and individual drive options as well as with optional 4‐wheel drive. A compact design with the best KNAUS quality, a comfort washroom and a modern interior complete the VAN TI PLUS. Combined with the sensational price‐performance ratio, a very attractive complete motorhome package is created, making the VAN TI PLUS a dynamic all‐rounder. It’s nice if two strong partners complement each other so well!


Entry into the Knaus Motorhomes world of camping has never been easier with the L!VE TI series. With four diverse floor plans and lots of options – you can select your L!VE TI to suit your individual needs. Whether its a road trip or a spontaneous weekend away: with L!VE TI, Knaus Motorhomes have brought together dynamic design, high-quality construction, and a new standard in price-performance ratio.

  • 4 layouts
  • Top price-performance ratio
  • Modern interior design
  • Up to 4 berths
  • CATEYE evolution rear lights

Example from this Knaus Motorhomes range:

590 MF

  • Compact floor plan with french bed
  • All key functions in one place with the KNAUS ServiceBox
  • Separate bathroom with comfortable bench toilet, spacious closet and shower cabin
  • Compact galley kitchen providing incredible worktop and storage space
  • Spacious under-bed wardrobes
  • Atmospheric ambient lighting
Knaus Live Ti 2020
KNAUS SKY TI Our universal genius There you have it – we have Germany’s best‐selling partially integrated motorhome offering the largest layout selection and the best price‐performance ratio and what to we do? We make it even better. For example, we designed an exquisite floor that will remind you of the planks on a luxurious yacht and the pearly white décor with intricate cross‐grid pattern. Even in terms of function, the SKY TI has a lot to offer: for example, the practical service box.


A very special semi-integrated model from Knaus Motorhomes with a huge variety of layouts, ranging from compact to large and from two to six berths. With a modern, interior design incorporating every piece of furniture, the SKY TI is the ideal all-rounder and one of the best-selling vehicles in its class.

  • Largest variety of layouts
  • Patented 3D open bath
  • Modern interior design
  • Elaborate ambient lighting
  • Excellent price-performance ratio
  • Storage box flaps with soft-close function

Example from this Knaus Motorhomes range:

700 MEG

  • Numerous storage compartments
  • Lowerable 24-inch LED TV
  • Spacious corner kitchen with maximised workspace
  • Spacious under-bed wardrobes with gas pressure springs
  • Luxurious open bathroom, with spacious, separate shower cabin


This winter-ready sunbather from Knaus Motorhomes stands alone in the partially integrated class. With its floor heating system and innovative double floor, even the harshest winter doesn’t stand a chance. If snow is falling outside, the comfort and cosiness increases inside and with its unique lighting and enormous skylight, everyone will be loving the trip.

  • Maximum winter suitability thanks to double floor
  • Largest panorama roof in its class
  • High-quality furniture construction
  • Patented ServiceBox
  • Elegant ambient lighting

Example from this Knaus Motorhomes range:

650 MEG

  • Spacious comfort bathroom with swivelling wall, a large wash basin and stylish integrated mirror lighting
  • Extendible single beds that are effortlessly transformed into a large double bed.
  • High-gloss furniture décor with scratch-resistant coating.
  • Compact and intelligent kitchen layout, providing storage space and room for cooking
Knaus Sun Ti 2020
Knaus Live wave 2020


With its lifting bed, the L!VE WAVE from Knaus Motorhomes combines the driving dynamics of a TI with the comfortable sleeping possibilities of an alcove. Five floor plans and up to 6 berths turn the L!VE WAVE into a flexible, universal genius.

  • Excellent price-performance ratio
  • Modern interior design
  • Up to 6 berths
  • Comfortable lifting bed
  • Standing height up to 215cm

Example from this Knaus Motorhomes range:

650 MF 

  • Particularly spacious with rear bathroom and bed
  • Spacious corner kitchen with maximised workspace
  • French bed layout
  • Full-length wardrobe with garment rail.
  • Separate bathroom with bench toilet, large closet and shower cabin.


Incorporating a lifting bed which is perfectly integrated into the ceiling and offers you more than enough room to sleep. A modern interior design that is optically excellent and with its sweeping silhouette, provides a particularly dynamic appearance.

  • Up to 6 berths
  • Large panorama skylight
  • Patented ServiceBox
  • Only 2.80m external height
  • End-to-end headroom of 180cm
  • Drawers with soft-close function

Example from this Knaus Motorhomes range:

650 MEG

  • Comfortable, extendable single beds
  • Lowerable 24" Full-HD LED TV with integrated digital receiver.
  • Fully-extendable drawers can be removed completely, for easy organising.
  • Galley kitchen with separate, spacious refrigerator
  • Comfort bathroom with multifunctional swivel wall to create a shower cabin or fully-fledged washroom in seconds.
Knaus skywave 2020
Knaus Van i 2020


A spacious yet compact vehicle from Knaus Motorhomes made possible by efficient light construction and the highest quality materials. An impressive design and unique lowerable bed deliver maximum headspace. It combines an uncompromising, enormous, roomy feel with especially easy access.

  • Panoramic windscreen
  • Extremely compact – only 2.20m wide
  • GRAMMER luxury seats as standard
  • Toilet area with variable room arrangement
  • Cabinet doors with soft-close function

Example from this Knaus Motorhomes range:

650 MEG

  • Comfortable single beds are effortlessly transformed into a double bed.
  • Luxurious, adjustable GRAMMER seats as standard
  • Rotating adjustable table
  • Galley kitchen with separate, 145-litre fridge-freezer
  • Easy to access, practical storage
  • Flexible comfort bathroom with spacious shower.


A new generation from Knaus Motorhomes that is without equal in the fully integrated segment. A unique, state-of-the-art, complete package with lifting bed delivers an outstanding price-performance ratio. This striking design with large panoramic windscreen plus high utility value elevates the Knaus L!VE I into a class of its own!

  • Striking exterior design
  • Full LED headlights and rear lights
  • Integrated lifting bed
  • Optional styling package
  • Up to 6 berths

Example from this Knaus Motorhomes range:

650 MEG

  • Fully-extendable drawers for easy organising.
  • Galley kitchen with spacious 142-litre refridgerator
  • Full-fledged lifting bed with a slatted frame and high-quality EvoPore mattress
  • Easy to access spacious wardrobes with practical storage options
  • Flexible comfort bathroom with spacious shower.
Knaus Live i 650 MEG sunset exterior
Knaus Sun I 2020


An exclusive, luxury liner in every detail, this inspirational range from Knaus Motorhomes delivers an athletic elegance that impresses on long motorway journeys or on winding country roads. In addition to its impressive appearance, the SUN I also delivers with its brilliant interior, incorporating a heated double floor with a yacht look or high-quality leather upholstery.

  • Side blades with chrome applications
  • Intuitive operation on the control panel
  • Heated double floor and tank with a yacht look
  • High-quality aluminium-XPS-aluminium construction

Example from this Knaus Motorhomes range:

700 LEG

  • Retractable 32" LED-TV with optional Oyster V Sat system, GPS and inclinometer for the best reception.
  • KNAUS smart CI control panel with intuitive 4.3 inch touch screen
  • Luxurious, adjustable GRAMMER seats as standard
  • Soft-close overhead cupboards close gently and lock of their own accord
  • Spacious drawers have GRASS full- extension slides with soft-close function and metal push locks
  • Large 145-litre refrigerator
  • Comfortable, slatted lifting bed can be lowered a long way for easy access
  • Retractable side wall in the open bath to create even more space and privacy
  • Separate porcelain toilet and generously-proportioned glass shower cabin