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The new WEINSBERG CaraOne for 2021

Your home on holiday: The CaraOne with a new look for new discoveries!
Completely newly developed, dynamic exterior design, many interior highlights and practical features such as a lifting bed: in this class and quality, the CaraOne with its smart price‐performance ratio is an absolute front‐runner and wants only one thing: to drive off with you!

This not only makes it a real WEINSBERG – but also one of the best and most sold caravans in its class.

The new caraone

WEINSBERG Edition [Ice] - Hot features, cool price

The year‐ round caravan CaraOne [ICE] is your price performance winner with large serial equipment. With his special insulation, the exclusive floor heating and his remarkable aeration equipment he creats a continuous comfort feeling‐ whatever in snowy mountain ranges or at the midsummery mediterranean beach.

All in and all with: You do not have to worry about the perfect equipment by the CaraOne [ICE]. As an all‐ with accommodation for the hole family or as a rolling living room for couples. The CaraOne [ICE] convinces with convenient solutions, exclusive details‐ and the best‐ price performance ratio in his class.

WEINSBERG CaraTwo - The designer hotel to go

"You love to camp, but a „standard‟ caravan is too conventional? You place value on quality, but aren’t too keen about having an empty wallet? Do you love modern design that convinces in day‐to‐day use as much as it does while cruising down the boardwalk?

Then our CaraTwo is the perfect vehicle for you. Why? The answer is simple: Because it meets your demands like no other vehicle – and, while doing so, sets cool standards for modern caravans. Style or rationality? Our CaraTwo can do both. That’s why we’ve also named it that way."