2022 Knaus Caravans

With the 2022 Knaus caravans slogan “New Horizons” and as a driver of innovation, Knaus Tabbert presents their future of caravanning and the highlights for 2022 by taking the next decisive steps forward.

Knaus Motorhomes for 2021 lifestyle
2022 Knaus caravan Sport
Niederlande Fahrradfahrer


Aside from the ePOWER SELECTION, the SPORT has undergone a lot of changes for the new model year: the new exterior design with modified manoeuvring handles at the front and rear, a silver-grey decal featuring the KNAUS sweeping line design, and the FoldXPand rear with flush-fitted rear light moulding gives the caravan a sporty look. The new interior features modern, cuboid furniture, cross-grained wood and bright surfaces in the bathroom, kitchen and seating area.

A pleasant, indirect light is cast by the stylish, backlit appliqué designs on the upholstery in the seating area. The new BLUE NIGHT upholstery is the perfect match for the elegant yet sporty character of the SPORT, which features soft-close hatches for maximum convenience.

A Bluetooth sound system that can be connected to mobile devices, USB 3.0 sockets on each gooseneck light, three side windows if you opt for the triple bunk bed, and a luxurious shower for the 500 KD and 580 QS layouts are available on request. All compact layouts up to and including the 500 bodywork length are equipped with the Truma Vario Heat heating system as standard. This creates even more space in the wardrobes than ever before. Thanks to the intelligent lightweight designs, which are inspired by structures that can be found in nature, the new SPORT looks even better and more impressive, but weighs exactly the same. The range of layouts has also been adapted to offer all campers, from singletons to whole families, the perfect layout: the 650 FDK and 650 UFK are new, but they are joined by the ten gas-free layouts mentioned above, as well as the 540 FDK, 540 UE and 580 QS.


The caravan icon SÜDWIND is also heading into 2022 with a new exterior and interior: the new gas locker with carbon-look applications, an improved shape and size, as well as a sturdy checker plate floor offers even more space and easier access.

The three-dimensional FoldXPand rear, the new, striking, black and silver-grey decal featuring the KNAUS sweeping line, as well as the dark frame around the side wall windows with the SÜDWIND logo give the caravan a completely new look, which makes its strong character clear for all to see at the very first glance.

suedwind-460EU (1)
Knaus Suedwind 460EU

The Pro.Tec frame – in striking black on the SÜDWIND 60 YEARS KNAUS to match the redesigned grey and black add-on components as well as the innovative Campovolo Grey exterior colour (60 YEARS also available in white on request) – not only ensures excellent stability thanks to the way the side, front, rear wall and roof are joined together, but also blends in perfectly and gives the caravan a harmonious silhouette. The new design of the Pro.Tec frame – much more angular and striking – is the perfect match for the new vehicle design.

The 500 PF, 650 PEB and 650 PXB layouts are now equipped with a service hatch on the left-hand side at the front as standard. In the new interior, bright and warm colours create a welcoming atmosphere: cross-laminated wood and warm, white wall cabinet doors with a subtle graphic design make the living area feel modern, yet cosy. The redesigned, stylish furniture in the entrance area is showcased to perfection with some indirect lighting. Slender light strips pick up on the KNAUS sweeping line design of the exterior graphics.

Knaus MultiAh Explosion

Knaus MultiAh Explosion

A 27" TV is available as an option for the SÜDWIND, which blends in perfectly with the new furniture in the entrance area. On request, there are also three side windows if you order the triple bunk bed. Among the 16 different layouts – two of them new: the 650 FSK and 650 LX – there’s the perfect choice for every camper.

Potent ePOWER and mobile ONE-NIGHT-STAND energy deliver electrifying performance in the truest sense of the word, opening up entirely new possibilities in the next stage of electric mobility. Thanks to innovative SUPERLIGHT technology for maximum weight savings, nothing stands in the way of even the most extensive family holiday packing list.

The highlights of model year 2022 include many new equipment options:


Thanks to the new silwyREADY kit, glasses and containers of all kinds remain securely in place, even while driving – whether upside down, on their side or the right way up. That’s because the self-adhesive silwy pads are metallic, so silwy containers with a magnet in their base won’t rattle, slip or fall over. Plus, all sorts of silwyREADY accessories – from spice jars to cocktail glasses – can be found in the fan shop of Knaus Tabbert, as well as in the online shop of silwy.

Velocate upgrade package

The Velocate GPS tracker can now be upgraded with Bluetooth sensors, enabling you to check the internal temperature and gas level at any time in the corresponding app. There’s also a mobile motion sensor for the interior, which lets you know about uninvited guests when you’re not around.


This provides you with enough POWER to operate the lights, water pump and compressor refrigerator for roughly one night and to be electrically self-sufficient as a result (only for the lights and water pump in the case of vehicles with gas) and can also be topped up with additional batteries. The Power X-Change battery is also charged while driving via the supply line from the towing vehicle and, thanks to the Power X-Change system, it can also be used at home, e.g. for lots of Einhell gardening equipment or tools.

Knaus Smart TV

From 2022 model year onwards, all KNAUS, WEINSBERG and TABBERT vehicles can be ordered with a smart TV – so they’re perfectly prepared for the future of television and the video-on-demand trend.

Water filter from bluuwater (AS STANDARD)

The new bluuwater water filter removes almost all germs, bacteria and small particles (99.999%) from your water. The replaceable filter cartridge, with a highly efficient ultrafiltration membrane, has a filter capacity of up to 8,000 litres, and the remaining useful life can be checked at any time thanks to a time strip indicator.

The electric innovation: ePOWER

ePOWER is the next level of electromobility.

Newcomers to camping in particular often have problems with the complexity of the vehicle technology, and are wary of touching gas bottles and equipment. New and familiar, modern electrical appliances are extremely energy efficient and the perfect solution to meet the needs of seasonal campers and newcomers. An induction hob is therefore intuitive to use and many campers will already be familiar with them from home.

Unique in the industry, ePOWER is equipped with intelligent electronics and a choice of fuse protection (6 A/10 A/16 A), which controls and prioritises all the electrical appliances in the vehicle. Depending on the fuse protection that’s available at the campsite and which vehicle features are needed, the hob, lighting or heating/air conditioning etc. is prioritised – the smart control unit takes care of everything and adjusts the power distribution accordingly so that it doesn’t “blow” the fuse at the campsite.

As many campers are seasonal campers, who mainly hit the roads between Easter and October, it’s important for many of them that their vehicle is equipped with air conditioning. A combined heating and air conditioning unit with heat pump technology ensures that the temperature inside the vehicle is always pleasant in summer, spring or autumn. With a capacity of 98 or 150 litres (depending on the model), an energy-saving compressor refrigerator will keep everything you need for your holiday nice and fresh.

Fully electric Knaus caravans

Selected layouts of the SÜDWIND and SPORT are now available as fully electric ePOWER models (SÜDWIND 460 EU, 500 FU, 500 QDK; SPORT 400 LK, 400 QD, 420 QD, 450 FU, 460 EU, 500 EU, 500 FU, 500 KD, 500 QDK, 500 UF). Adjusted for differences in equipment levels, these models are an impressive 50 kg lighter than the gas version. As a result, the ten electric SPORT layouts also feature an extensive range of special equipment: the SPORT ePOWER SELECTION has 17" aluminium rims, side walls in smooth sheet metal, a support wheel with weight indicator, a mobile 25-litre waste water tank, ambient lighting, extra 230 V and USB sockets, an insect screen door, a smoke detector, a bluuwater water filter, a rollable slatted frame for single beds, a COZY HOME package and much, much more. Needless to say, all SPORT layouts are still also available with gas as standard.

The same is true of the three electric SÜDWIND layouts: they come with the extensive “60 YEARS KNAUS” range of equipment and will be heading into the new model year as a special model, SÜDWIND 60 YEARS ePOWER. However, all SÜDWIND layouts are still also available as the 60 YEARS version with gas and, of course, as the standard model.