2022 Knaus Motorhomes

As a driver of innovation, Knaus Tabbert AG is now taking the next decisive steps forward by introducing many innovative new features for their 2022 model line-up. Potent ePOWER and mobile ONE-NIGHT-STAND technology deliver electrifying performance whilst opening up entirely new possibilities for the next era of electric mobility.

Knaus Van-Ti-640meg
Knaus Van-Ti-640meg

With innovative SUPERLIGHT technology providing maximum weight saving, nothing can prevent even the most extensive holiday equipment packing list. The new, lightweight Dyonic chassis is the result of innovation engineered by Knaus Tabbert. Not just lighter, it is tougher and provides longer-lasting optimum benefits.


2022 Model highlights feature many new equipment options including:

  • silwyREADY - (Whether upside down, on their side or the upright, your glassware will never slip ever again.)
  • Velocate 2.0 (Temperature and gas levels are displayed in a unique app.)
  • Pioneer navigation system with pitch radar - (Brighter and high-contrast 9" multi-touch display.)
  • ONE-NIGHT STAND - (“Mobile” electric power providing self-sufficiency for a night in your vehicle.)
  • Smart TV - (Prepared for the future of television and video-on-demand trend.)

Included as standard:

  • New bluuwater water filter - (Perfectly hygienic, filtered water wherever you go.)
  • New series 8 Fiat Ducato - (Now even safer and better equipped.)

New for 2022, Series 8 Fiat Ducato

For 2022 Knaus Motorhomes, Fiat is switching to the new series 8 Ducato. A redesigned front section, incorporating full LED headlights, a revamped radiator grille and skid plate, combine with two new shades of grey that complement the colour scheme of the chassis paintwork, to give 2022 Knaus Motorhomes a more dynamic, striking appearance. The cab interior has also been enhanced with a digital instrument panel, radio with 5" colour display, plus new door trim, which also incorporates four storage compartments and a bottle holder.

Optional, manual cab air conditioning comes with an inductive charging cradle for a smartphone and with cutting-edge assistance systems, a re-designed gear stick, steering wheel plus electric power steering, increased safety is ensured. With the addition of the new, more powerful engine, including optional 6-speed manual transmission or 9-speed automatic transmission, an even more comfortable drive is achieved.


The 2022 models provide new options for all new KNAUS motorhomes. An optional, modular transport system e.hit is available with an increased load capacity (150 kg instead of 120 kg), together with a new scooter platform.

AGUTI PREMIUM seats are now incorporated in fully integrated models (standard in the SUN I, optional in the VAN I and L!VE I), including fastened seat belt detection, infinitely adjustable armrest, height/angle adjustment, horizontal and backrest adjustment, rotating console, seat occupied recognition, as well as ventilation for the seat and backrest.

From 2022 model year onwards, VAN I, VAN TI and VAN TI VANSATION, as well as L!VE TI and L!VE WAVE can be ordered with the option of central locking for the garage doors. For the VAN TI PLUS PLATINUM SELECTION, a Remis cab darkening system is an available option for the side windows. The SKY WAVE is still available to order as a special 60 YEARS model.


For 2022, the L!VE I will be even more exclusive, featuring the innovative FoldXPand rear. It’s a three-dimensional rear wall with flush-fitted rear light moulding to provide a lot more room inside the vehicle. The newly-designed gas locker is arranged length-wise, so that both bottles can sit side-by-side and changed more easily. An outdoor shower is now also available. In addition, the Fiat seats with integrated belts can now also be ordered with the same fabric as the living area.

Knaus live-i_650-MEG
Knaus live-i 650 MEG


The compact, fully-integrated VAN I heads into 2022 with two layouts, together with new exterior and interior designs. The sporty exterior features new, distinctive KNAUS foil graphics in blue and grey, which, together with the impressive front section, reflects its strong character. Standard, U-shaped, full LED headlights accentuate the vehicle’s distinctive style which also provide great road visibility whilst being clearly visible to others.

Knaus Van I 550MF
Knaus Van I 550MF

The new, innovative FoldXPand rear incorporates a flush-fitted rear light moulding which not only looks very sporty and elegant, but also provides additional space for the interior. The 550 MF has room for a two metre long double bed and in the 650 MEG, the new angled layout creates a better sense of space with more room to move around.

The newly designed modern yet cosy interior is stunning, with light wood combining with warm, white surfaces. A choice of different upholstery finishes coordinate beautifully with this, all with hard-wearing, active fabrics. The option of Fiat seats, incorporating integrated seat belts, are also available with the same coverings as the living area.


As one of the best-selling vehicles in its class, the SKY TI has become a true classic and incorporates many new features for the 2022 model year. The 2022 SKY TI and SKY TI PLATINUM SELECTION will also benefit from the innovative KNAUS FoldXPand rear. The rear upper section is constructed using premium LFI technology and now incorporates an exclusive third brake light. The additional interior space this has created has also enabled the layouts to be improved. The new, angled furniture arrangement, together with the bathroom and kitchen in the 650 MEG, provides plenty of room to move around. This also creates additional space in the 650 MEG for an extra wardrobe, plus an extra side seat at the front, meaning an extra person can now sit at the table.

Knaus sky-ti-platinum-700MEG
Knaus sky-ti-platinum-700MEG

A new addition to the range is the 550 MEG, a compact yet spacious layout with two single beds at the rear. The well-equipped kitchen in all layouts includes a large 142-litre refrigerator (instead of the previous 133-litre). An optional outdoor shower can also be ordered. The other layouts of the new SKY TI are the 650 MF, 700 MEG and 700 MX.

Alongside the interior improvement, the standard model and PLATINUM SELECTION also boast new, sporty, dynamic exterior graphics, accented with carbon and brushed stainless-steel effects.

KNAUS and Lucky Dog Camper

A safe transport option and a dedicated space for dogs in motorhomes, specially developed for KNAUS motorhomes. It’s a permanent, built-in system featuring a sturdy, generous-size dog crate, for selected vehicles (layouts with single beds). This system is much safer than using mobile crates, safety harnesses or other compromise solutions. It also provides dogs with their own place to sleep. It’s located in the rear garage and one of the wardrobe doors beneath the single beds has been replaced by a grille door, linking it to the interior. There are also grille doors behind the garage doors so that the crate can be accessed from inside or outside at all times.

Knaus Lucky_Dog

It also provides dogs with their own place to sleep. It’s located in the rear garage and one of the wardrobe doors beneath the single beds has been replaced by a grille door, linking it to the interior. There are also grille doors behind the garage doors so that the crate can be accessed from inside or outside at all times.


All 2022 model KNAUS CUVs can now be customised even more with the addition of many new options. The optional Dometic 2000 roof air conditioner, has a new anthracite-coloured hood, enabling it to blend in perfectly with the overall appearance. You can also order an electric, soft-close sliding door together with larger framed rear door windows. If you’d like extra space in H2-height vehicles, there’s the SpaceRoof roof extension, which increases the cab headroom, providing easy, unobstructed access to the driver’s and passenger’s seat (these four options are not available for the BOXDRIVE).

Knaus CUVs
Knaus CUVs

An optional solar-power system is also now available (not for vehicles with a pop-up roof). The BOXSTAR 630 FREEWAY and BOXLIFE 630 ME can now also be equipped with air conditioning or a Midi-Heki rooflight as an option.

Knaus Boxlife

Boxlife2022 models also feature Matara Teak furniture decor, providing a welcoming interior atmosphere, while giving it a very stylish, yet sporty look. The BOXSTAR will also continue to be available in 2022 as the very popular, well-equipped 60 YEARS KNAUS special model, in 540 ROAD, 600 STREET and 630 FREEWAY layouts.


Our perfect, everyday holiday friend, combining driving safety and functionality like no other. For the 2022 model year, new, bright colours give the living area a very welcoming and homely atmosphere. Redesigned, delicate lighting, picked up from the KNAUS motorhomes range, integrates into walls and furniture. At the same time, flowing lines, inspired by KNAUS, emphasises the design language of the BOXDRIVE. Features can be highlighted with the optional, new, DARK COFFEE genuine-leather upholstery.

Knaus Boxdrive-600XL

Standard BOXDRIVE features include a practical swivelling bathroom, combining two different uses: either as a washbasin with toilet or you can swivel the wall along with the washbasin, over the toilet, creating a shower area with smooth walls. The open bathroom design incorporating a dual-purpose washbasin is still available on request (position 1: hand basin, position 2: ergonomic washstand).

The optional, rear, folding bed has been replaced by an optional, practical lifting bed, which provides plenty of storage space underneath for your gear, even bicycles or other sports equipment. The rear door trim, storage locker end panels and ceiling cabinet hatches have all been redesigned to ensure optimal use of space. A cab darkening system is also available for the side windows plus optional air conditioning system with an anthracite hood or a Midi-Heki rooflight at the rear.

The range has also been expanded with a new BOXDRIVE 600 XL layout. A raised roof provides even bigger space, giving tall campers plenty of headroom, and incorporating the ComfortSlide bed in the front area perfectly. The 600 XL therefore offers four generous, comfortable sleeping places in an area just six metres in length.

With sporty roof lines perfectly matching the base vehicle, it not only looks great, it delivers the best aerodynamics too. Generous storage and lockers with soft-close mechanisms, a spacious bathroom and large kitchen, together with two separate sleeping areas make the BOXDRIVE 600 XL the perfect vehicle for couples and families alike.