2022 Weinsberg Caravans

For their New 2022 Weinsberg Caravans, Knaus Tabbert have introduced many innovative new features to represent the future of caravanning and the highlights of tomorrow.

As a driver of innovation, 2022 Weinsberg Caravans now benefit from Potent ePOWER and mobile ONE-NIGHT-STAND energy deliver electrifying performance in the truest sense of the word and opening up entirely new possibilities in the next stage of electric mobility.


Through innovative SUPERLIGHT technology, creating maximum weight savings, nothing comes in the way of even the most extensive family holiday packing list and revolutionary new developments bring the future of caravanning within reach.


New Weinsberg caravan year, new options. An optional sink cover, which can also be used as a chopping board, can be ordered for all caravans on request. A self-sufficiency package incorporating a powerful lithium battery is also an option, providing electrical power when not connected to a land supply.


The CaraOne now has three side windows if you opt for the triple bunk bed layout. Also available on the CaraOne 550 QDK is an optional garage door and a multifunctional double bunk bed, which can be folded out of the way for convenient loading. A multifunctional triple bunk bed is also available as an option: the folding middle bunk can be transformed into either a backrest to create a children’s sofa, or a large storage space, accessible from inside or outside.

Weinsberg CaraOne 390 PUH Dyonic 8x6
Weinsberg CaraOne 390 PUH Dyonic

The highlights of model year 2022 include new equipment options, such as:


With the new silwyREADY kit, all shapes and sizes of glasses and containers remain securely in place, even while driving, whether they are upside down, on their side or upright. The self-adhesive silwy pads are metallic, so silwy containers with a magnet in their base won’t rattle, slip or fall over. You will also find all sorts of silwyREADY accessories, from spice jars to cocktail glasses, in the online shop.

Velocate upgrade package

An upgrade to the Velocate GPS tracker is now available with Bluetooth sensors, enabling you to monitor the internal temperature and gas level in the corresponding app. It also includes a mobile motion sensor for the vehicle interior, warning you know about uninvited guests when you’re out.


Providing you with enough power to operate all the lights, water pump and compressor refrigerator for approximately one night who makes you electrically self-sufficient as a result (only for the lights and water pump in vehicles with gas) and there is also the ability to top-up with additional batteries. The Power X-Change battery can also be charged while driving via the supply line from the towing vehicle and, with the Power X-Change system, it can also be used at home, with a variety of Einhell gardening equipment and tools.

Smart TV

All KNAUS, WEINSBERG and TABBERT vehicles can now be ordered with a smart TV, from 2022 model year onwards. This provides perfectly preparation for the future of television and the latest video-on-demand trend.

Water filter from bluuwater (AS STANDARD)

The introduction of the new bluuwater water filter removes 99.999% of all germs, bacteria and small particles from your water supply. With replaceable filter cartridges and an efficient ultrafiltration membrane, it provides perfectly hygienic water wherever you go, with a filter capacity of up to 8,000 litres. The remaining ‘useful’ life can also be monitored using a time strip indicator.

The next step in electromobility: ePOWER

Those new to camping often experience problems with the complexity of vehicle power and appliance technology, so they’re wary of touching gas bottles and equipment. However, they are much more familiar with modern electrical appliances, which are extremely light, energy efficient and meet the needs of seasonal campers and newcomers perfectly. As an example, induction hobs are intuitive to use and new campers will already be using them at home.

Unique to this industry, ePOWER comes with intelligent electronics, including a choice of fuse protection (6 A/10 A/16 A), controlling and prioritising all electrical appliances in the vehicle. Depending on which fuse protection is available and which appliance is being prioritised – the smart control unit takes care of everything, adjusting power distribution accordingly so that the campsite main fuse doesn’t “blow”.


The innovative Dyonic chassis is lighter, tougher and more durable, reflecting Knaus Tabbert’s many decades of caravanning expertise. It has been developed using of high-strength steel, whereby recesses in the supports ensure a high degree of stability while keeping the weight low. Additional shock-absorbing components in the axle area make the Dyonic chassis extremely durable.