Dorema Awnings

High-quality Dorema Awnings deliver cost-effective style and durability for caravans and motorhomes.

In today’s fiercely competitive awning market, Dorema Awnings stand out as the brand that delivers quality and choice at the very best price. Manufactured in Europe for over 35 years, Dorema combine innovative design and high-quality materials with the very latest technology to create a comprehensive range covering all sizes and vehicles.

Whether you’re looking for traditional, full-size caravan awning erected with aluminium or steel poles, a quick and easy-to-assemble air awning for those last-minute weekends away, or a compact porch awning, you’ll find something to meet your exact needs from the extensive Dorema range. Dorema also continue to invest in innovative manufacturing technology using robust materials. It ensures that customers receive high-quality awnings at unbelievable prices that stand the test of time as well as the inclement British weather.

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A history of quality and durability

Established in 1987, Dorema have become a trusted and firm favourite with caravan and motorhome owners. Through their design innovation, robustness and keen attention to detail, owning a Dorema Awning will provide their owners with many happy and enjoyable adventures. From lightweight models to the hardy and durable, every Dorema awning is quality-checked before it can receive a Dorema Quality Certificate. This industry-leading stamp of approval has become an envied standard within the awnings industry. Dorema also have a first-class aftersales service should anyone need it.

Dorema Awnings are now well-known throughout the UK, as testified by their many thousands of happy campers, for delivering European quality at really affordable prices. Supported by modern, high-tech manufacturing technologies and substantial research into materials, caravan and motorhome owners can select the perfect Dorema awning. Every Dorema awning is designed to meet the individual needs and demands of today’s and tomorrow’s outdoor enthusiasts. Once you’re inside a Dorema awning, you’ll realise that their passion is to enhance space by creating an extra dimension to the enjoyment of outdoor life.

Dorema security provides reassuring peace-of-mind

Dorema Awnings also incorporates state-of-the-art locking systems, which means you can leave your belongings safely inside your awning without worrying about them getting stolen or animals making themselves at home while you’re away. It means you can do all the outdoor activities you enjoy doing with complete peace of mind.


Davan Dorema Awnings make excellent partners

As a leading awning manufacturer, Dorema source a variety of high-performance materials to manufacture an extensive portfolio of top-quality products at very competitive prices. Dorema also continue to incorporate the latest technologies and bring to the market those of the future. With over 86 years in the leisure industry, Davan are proud to be able to combine Dorema’s passion with our wealth of knowledge. Our team of impartial awning experts are on-hand to guide and assist you with your new, Dorema Awning. What's more - when you buy your Dorema awning from Davan, you can rest assured that it is backed by a family-run business and our unique brand of Quality, Service and Value.

Our stock of Dorema awnings can be viewed below, or why not pop down and see the latest Dorema Awnings in our extensive awnings showroom. Or, if you prefer, simply give us a call, or send us an email and we'll be happy to help you.

Dorema porch awnings

Dorema have ensured that their Dorema porch awnings are constructed with the same quality materials that are used on their full awnings. The unique and changing demands of today’s and tomorrow’s outdoor enthusiasts are always at the forefront of Dorema innovation and design and this passion is evident in the Dorema porch awnings range. Their goal is always to enhance the space and create that extra ‘dimension’ to the enjoyment of outdoor life.



Dorema Quattro

The Dorema Quattro is the ultimate in stability for high-quality porch awnings. It incorporates a dual gradient roof and clever use of internal or external pegging points mean that the mudwalls can be positioned inside or outside the porch awning. It also comes with a part fly screen to both side panels for ventilation

Technical Data:


Floor size: width 380 × depth 240 cm / Roof Width: 340 cm


Floor size: width 430 × depth 240 cm / Roof Width: 390 cm

Colour: charcoal / grey

Frame options (380 and 430):

25 mm EasyGrip steel

28 mm EasyGrip steel

Roof and wall material: TenCate All Season coated polyester.

Frontpanel: Can be rolled down or zipped out.

380 & 430 - Two front panels with central zip.

Sidepanels: Both panels are fitted with a door, part fly screen and sewn in rear cushion pads.

Combined weight (canvas + frame):

QUATTRO 380 with steel frame = 36 kg (approx.)

QUATTRO 430 with steel frame = 39 kg (approx.)

Optional Extras (380 and 430):

• SafeLock System Kit
• Rail stopper
• Winter package - 2 extra roof poles and 3 extra storm poles

• Roof lining

• Veranda pole

Starcamp air awnings by Dorema

Air awning technology is becoming a hugely popular choice with today’s caravanners, as evidenced by the very popular Starcamp air awnings. Starcamp by Dorema have really embraced this and have combined their brand quality with the latest air-frame technology to create a range of very strong and durable inflatable awnings.

There are times in life when the simple things are all that’s needed. This definitely applies to the Dorema Starcamp awnings range. Starcamp awnings by Dorema are the perfect entry-level air awnings that combine Dorema’s trademark high quality and excellent value.


Starcamp Quick’n’Easy Air

4 size options - 225, 265, 325 & 385

Quick’n’Easy by name, Quick’n’Easy by nature. The lightweight Starcamp Dorema Quick’n’Easy Air awning incorporates Internal roll-up privacy blinds, storm buckles and straps for a high level of safety and security. It also comes with a hand pump included.

Technical Data:

Height: To fit caravans from 235 - 250 cm

Floor sizes:

225 x depth 240 cm
265 x depth 240 cm
325 x depth 240 cm

385 x depth 240 cm


Single arched air tube for all sizes. Recommended air pressure 8-10 psi. 325 has 1 x central roof air tube. 385 has 3 x roof air tubes as standard

Colour: charcoal / grey
Privacy Blinds: Internal roll up privacy blinds fitted to all windows.

Roof and wall material: Extra strong quality WeatherTex 150D PU coated, fire retardant polyester.

Frontpanel: Can be rolled up.

Sidepanels: Fitted doors to both sides with sewn in rear cushion pads.

Ventilation: Zipped fly screen door to both sides. Covered ventilation points to top rear outer corners on both sides.

Total weight:

225 = 9 kg (approx.)

265 = 11 kg (approx.)

325 = 13 kg (approx.)

385 = 15 kg (approx.)

Storm buckles and straps fitted as standard.

Optional Extras:

• Additional Roof Air tubes

• Rear Upright Leg set
• Roof Lining

Starcamp full awnings by Dorema

Starcamp full awnings are traditional. full-size awnings that are perfect for both seasonal and touring use. Made from European Mehler materials they are also fitted with external privacy blinds as standard. The front apex also incorporates a part fly screen to one side panel for ventilation.



Starcamp Dakota Lux

The fantastic, value-for-money, Starcamp Dakota Lux full awning is constructed using the latest, heavy duty, Ten Cate European All Seasons polyester, providing exceptional longevity and durability at a great price. It also incorporates lots of really clever, user-friendly design features such as the ability to unzip all the panels making it an absolute doddle to thread onto an awning rail.

Technical Data:

Depth: 240 cm
Sizes: 875-1125 cm
Colour: charcoal/grey
Standard frame: EasyGrip 25 mm steel frame, 2 extra roof support poles and 2 extra front legs in size 15-19

Material Roof: Coated polyester on the inside
Material Sides: European Coated Polyester
Sidepanels: Both panels are fitted with a door and can be zipped out.

Combined weight (canvas + standard frame):
Dakota Lux Size 10 = 35 kg /size 19 = 47 kg (approx.)

Optional Extras:

• Lightweight Fibre Tech Plus frame

• Annex tall with pointed roof
• Inner tent annex
• Veranda pole

• 2 extra stormpoles for extra stability • Quick Lock pads
• Safe Lock System kit
• Starlon awning carpet

Special features:

• Fitted with privacy window blinds
• Covered zips in matching material for extra protection

• Annexes are designed to fit on either the left or right-hand side of the awning
• Fitted with Quick Lock profile

• Fitted with Safe Lock System

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