2024 Ex Demo Caravans For Sale

Family enjoying caravan experience

Save on 2024 ex-demo caravans for sale with Davan’s Demo Deals Now’s the time to buy ex demo caravans for sale at Davan with up to £5,000 Off. Davan’s Demo Deals provides bargain ex demo caravans for sale today. Ex-demonstrator caravan bargains are normally only available later in the year, or end-of-season. However, for 2024…

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Pilote £2,024 discount and VIP weekend.

Get a Pilote £2,024 discount at Davan. This Summer, get a Pilote £2,024 discount on any Pilote or Joa Camp motorhome* at Davan. Act soon for the Pilote VIP weekend to get your summer holidays off to the best possible start. Davan is an accredited Pilote Premier dealer, recognised for their excellent customer service and…

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The Pilote Atlas A696G motorhome at Davan!

The Pilote Atlas A696G Motorhome is now on display at Davan Discover the innovative Pilote Atlas A696G motorhome now at Davan. The Pilote Atlas is a revolutionary compact low-profile 4-berth motorhome, specifically created for today’s modern adventurers. Built on a Ford Transit chassis, this compact vehicle delivers the perfect combination of style and performance. With…

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The Champions Deals from Knaus and Weinsberg at Davan for 2024 

Save up to £5,000 at Davan now! With exciting 2024 Champions Deals from Knaus and Weinsberg, now is the time to get your hands on the latest models with record-breaking offers and discounts. These amazing offers of £5,000 off popular motorhomes, camper vans and CUVs, as well as £3,500 off special models and £2,500 off…

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The 2025 Owner Satisfaction Awards voting is now open!

The Owner Satisfaction Award surveys for 2025 are organised by Practical Caravan and Practical Motorhome in association with The Camping and Caravanning Club. These awards are based solely on the feedback of customers to discover how they rate the reliability and practicality of their vehicles. This online survey also provides insights on the best caravan or motorhome…

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Exploring Fortrose Cathedral


Caravannin’ to History: For many caravan enthusiasts, the beauty of the open road lies not just in the journey but also in the unique destinations it unlocks. Today, we’re taking a detour from the usual seaside stopovers to delve into Scottish history with a visit to the magnificent Fortrose Cathedral on the Black Isle. A…

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Discovering the Charms of the UK’s Coastal Wonders

A view of the stunning bridge and picturesque scenery at Tintagel Castle in Cornwall, UK.

A Caravan Adventure by the Sea Introduction: The United Kingdom is blessed with abundant natural beauty, from rolling hills to lush forests, but perhaps its most captivating landscapes lie along its rugged coastlines. For those seeking adventure and tranquillity, embarking on a caravan journey along the UK’s coastal wonders promises an unforgettable experience. In this…

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The Ultimate Guide to Planning the Perfect Caravan Holiday in the UK

Wide angle view of friends enjoying outdoors while camping with van in forest, copy space

Perfect Caravan Holiday Introduction: Caravan holidays offer a unique blend of freedom, flexibility, and adventure. In the UK, where scenic landscapes and quaint villages abound, hitting the road with a caravan in tow is a beloved pastime for many. However, planning such an escapade requires careful consideration and organisation to ensure a smooth and enjoyable…

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The Rise of Eco-Friendly Caravanning

Young female tourist standing in the door of caravan in the forest

Sustainable Practices for Modern Travelers Introduction: In recent years, eco-friendly caravanning has gained traction among travellers seeking adventure without compromising their environmental values. Caravanning, once associated with excessive fuel consumption and carbon emissions, is transforming toward sustainability. From electric and hybrid caravan models to eco-conscious camping practices, modern travellers embrace a greener approach to exploring…

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Family-Friendly Caravan Destinations in the UK

Puffin with a beak full of sand eels flying over the cliffs on Inner Farne Island in the Farne Islands off the Northumberland coast in northeast England. Puffins feed mainly on sand eels but also take small crustaceans and squid.

Unveiling Fun Activities for All Ages Introduction: The allure of the open road, the charm of quaint towns, and the excitement of exploration – all encapsulated within the cosy confines of a caravan. Caravan holidays offer a perfect blend of comfort and adventure for families seeking memorable adventures. A treasure trove of family-friendly caravan destinations…

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