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So the weather hasn’t been as hot for the past week. Still, it is good to see some rain finally. We would like to introduce you to the Lotus Grill XXL, a much larger version of the standard Lotus Grill.


The Lotus Grill XXL uses two built-in battery-operated fans to supply the charcoal with continuous air. Because of the innovative design the Lotus Grill can heat up and be ready to cook on in just 5 minutes.  Additionally, the charcoal is well-aerated in two individual charcoal containers, which means the barbeque can be lit without experiencing lots of smoke. Precise temperature control of the charcoal containers is possible thanks to the two seperate fans which can be infinitely adjusted. The more air blown onto the charcoal, the hotter it burns. As combustion takes place in a closed container within the body you will find flying sparks and hot embers is much more reduced.

If you are interested in purchasing either the Lotus Grill XXL or standard size then visit the Davan online awnings and accessories shop, or walk into our caravan and motorhome accessories shop located in Worle.