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The XL Lotus Grill is a unique, ingenious BBQ which heats up in under 5 minutes, giving you that authentic charcoal cooked flavour in no time! Perfect for households or impromptu summer gatherings. Compact convenient to transport, the XL Lotus Grill weighs 6.5kg and is available in a green colour. The ingenious fan design, is powered by 4 AA batteries, whilst the clever double skinned bowl stays cool on the outside, allowing you to handle the grill, even when hot. Suitable for up to 5 people.

The XL Lotus Barbeque can be handled directly at a barbecue or have it placed on the table outdoors. The diameter of the grill grate is 43.5 cm, which is sufficient for grilling for up to ten individuals. The Grill can hold up to 400g of charcoal at one time.

Package Contains:

1x  Lotus Grill Barbecue
1x  Beech BBQ Charcoal
1x  Lotus Grill Lighter Fluid