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A top-of-the-range Air awning for caravans and motorhomes

The Ventura AIR Dove Awning 400 from Isabella is a terrific choice for both caravan and motorhome owners that want additional, comfortable space to enhance their camping experience and make their trips away more enjoyable and relaxing.

Ventura AIR DOVE awning

Expertly designed using high-quality materials, you can be confident that with a Ventura AIR Dove Awning you’re investing in a very robust, yet extremely comfortable awning that will provide enjoyment for many years. The Ventura AIR Dove roof fabric uses a very strong, UV-resistant polyester textile material, while the tent itself is made from IsaLite, making it exceptionally lightweight and really easy to maintain.

Ventura AIR DOVE awning
Ventura AIR DOVE awning

Once you’re inside the Ventura AIR Dove Awning, you’re greeted by a remarkably spacious living area that’s light and airy with a nice high ceiling which will please even the tallest family members. The Ventura AIR Dove is an ideal addition to any pitch, creating a more relaxing and entertaining additional space. However, if even more space is what you need, the Ventura AIR Dove has been designed to allow further expansion of your living area with an easy-to-fit annex and sun canopy.

Another very useful design feature of the Ventura AIR Dove is the unique height adjustment system which allows the awning to be adjusted to any caravan or motorhome rail height between 245 and 270cm. The design also allows for the removal of the front and side panels, providing terrific air circulation and creating a perfectly comfortable atmosphere on hot summer days.

Ventura AIR DOVE awning
Ventura AIR DOVE awning

When you buy the Isabella Ventura AIR Dove Awning 400 you’ll also receive a full complement of useful accessories. This includes an air pump, Luxor Grey curtains, a draught skirt, wheel arch cover, Typhoon guy ropes and pegs. You’ll therefore have everything you need to make the most of this remarkable air awning on your next outdoor adventure.

Additional details:

  • Depth: 260cm
  • Sizes: 350cm and 400cm
  • Fits caravans and motorhomes with rail heights between 245 and 270cm.
  • Double bead 7.5mm and 5mm
  • Removable/fold-down panels: Front and side panels
  • Large living area with a high ceiling
  • Removable zipped overhang
  • Further extendable with an annex and sun canopy (sold separately)
  • Intuitive height adjustment system