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Caravan and motorhome awning size guide

Learn more about how to measure and find the right awning for your vehicle.

Awning cut out


The universal and most reliable method for measuring a caravan awning is to use the caravan's A-Measurement. All full size awnings are categorized by the caravan’s A-Measurement Size.

How to measure a caravan’s A-measurement

A caravan’s A-measurement is the distance in centimetres from ground level, going up and then all the way around a caravan's awning rail and back down to the ground again at the other side.

Your caravan’s A-measurement should be contained in the owners manual, on the page listing the caravan’s dimensions. However, you can easily measure it yourself by using a tent peg, tape measure and a ball of string.

Firstly, put the tent peg into the ground directly below the awning rail entrance at one end of the caravan. Then, tie the end of the string to it. If you don’t have a tent peg or if the ground is hard, just secure the string with a small heavy implement.

Next, feed the string all the way around the awning rail, all the way along to the ground at the other end of the caravan. If the awning rail has a prominent curve at the bottom sections, simply let the string drop down to the ground as in the diagram.

All you do now, is cut the string where it meets the ground and measure it in centimetres. This will give you your caravan's A-Measurement which is your caravan awning size. This measurement will fall into a range of standard awning sizes – i.e. if your A-measurement is 970cm, you would select your awning from the 950-975cm range. Sometimes, however, your A-measurement may be at the point between awning size ranges, in which case you should opt for the larger size. A larger size will allow for a bit of slack and also give you some room for maneuver, which could be useful on an uneven pitch.

Full Awning Guide
Porch Awning Guide


Measuring your caravan for a porch awning is very different to measuring for a full awning, as a Porch doesn’t wrap all the way around one side of your caravan. This type of awning is usually secured to the ground with pegs or guide ropes, similar to a tent.

The size you need for a Porch Awning relies on two measurements:

1) The height measurement (H), which is taken from ground level vertically up to the awning rail (H)

2) The length measurement (L), which is the straight section across the top of the awning rail.

There are however more things to consider when measuring for a Porch Awning. The most obvious is that the door should be within the section measured so that it opens comfortably into the porch. Also, ensure that side windows and refrigerator vents are taken into account and not obscured.

In the diagram example if a Porch Awning measuring the full length of L2 was fitted, the side wall of the awning would prevent the window from opening. Therefore, to ensure the window opened, you would need to measure the length from the point where the window begins (L).