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Caravan and Motorhome Covers

Kampa Caravan Motorhome Cover for Winter

Why Use Caravan and Motorhome Covers?

When you wrap up for the season and leave your caravan or motorhome it is still liable to damage from the elements. Wind, rain, snow, dirt, black-streaks and bird droppings could damage the paintwork of your motorhome or caravan. A cover ensures that your caravan remains dry and clean when not in use. It helps protect the value of the caravan or motorhome from depreciation whilst also acting as a deterrent from opportunist theft.

Kampa Green Caravan CoverProtect your Caravan or Motorhome.

A cover prevents you going back to a dirty caravan and you don’t have to worry if something has caused a scratch or any other damage that can occur.  Your caravan or motorhome cover brings you peace of mind, that you caravan or motorhome is still in the same condition as when you left it, especially over the long winter period.

Green Caravan Cover FullWhat Caravan Covers do we stock?

Kampa caravan / motorhome covers offer the same function as other brands but at a more sensible price. Kampa’s proven triple layer SFS ensures that your caravan or motorhome is truly protected when in use.

Triple Layer Caravan and Motorhome Protection.Kampa Triple Layer Protection Caravan Cover

Outer Layer

Soft yet durable.  This layer is designed to reflect the sun’s harmful UV rays and to prolong the life of not just the vehicle but the cover itself through the extra protection the outer layer provides.

Middle Layer

Let it breath.  The middle layer is an aeror micropore breathable film.  This allows for water vapour to escape yet prevents rainfall from penetrating.  Our covers are not only water resistant but also breathable.

Inner Layer

Soft and non-abrasive.  The inside layer is what rests against your vehicle which is why we use a soft and proven non-abrasive material to prevent scratches or rubbing of paintwork.

Each cover also comes with a 2 year guarantee

Caravan cover sizes.

Product CodeImperial SizeMetric Size
88130012 – 14 ft366 – 426 cm
88130114 – 17 ft426 – 518 cm
88130217 – 19 ft518 – 579 cm
88130319 – 21 ft579 – 650 cm
88130421 – 23 ft640 – 701 cm
88130523 – 25 ft701 – 762 cm

To suit most caravans up to 225 cm

Motorhome cover sizes

Kampa motorhome cover sizes are designed to be universal in fitting for a large range of motorhomes and are available in the following sizes:

Kampa Motorhome Caravan Cover

5.3 – 5.7 m

5.7 – 6.1 m

6.1 – 6.5 m

6.5 – 7.0 m

7.0 – 7.5 m

7.5 to 8.0 m

Each of our motorhome covers suit motorhomes with a width of up to 225 cm and a height of 246 cm.

Buy online, visit our dealership in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset or contact us on 01934 510606

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