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Caravan and Motorhome Damp Repair

Defend against Damp Ingress on your new or used Caravan or Motorhome

Caravan and motorhome damp repair is important and it is better to catch it early before it’s too late. The weather is beginning to turn for the worse, with more rain and colder weather it is the perfect time to make sure that your vehicle is protected from dampness.

New Caravans and motorhomes put out of use by damp alone

In a recent survey of caravans purchased from new 13% of them were put out of use by damp and mould alone, of new motorhomes purchased from new 13% were eventually put out of use by water leaks and water ingress.

Used Caravans and motorhomes put out of use by damp alone

From the same survey second hand caravans saw 11% of the vehicle bought from new were put out of use due to damp and mould, of second hand motorhomes were put out of use by technical faults alone.

3 products to combat caravan and motorhome damp and water issues

Click on the links below to purchase these damp solution products:

Beating caravan and motorhome damp

Davan have a dedicated caravan and motorhome damp repair service at the showroom park located in Worle just down the road from Bristol, just off of the M5 junction 25.

40,000 Leisure Vehicle Survey

leisure vehicle survey results.pdf

leisure vehicle survey results.pdf

Nearly 30,000 caravan and 10,000 motorhome owners helped complete this thorough survey by providing information. The survey is full of useful information if you are thinking about buying a new or used caravan or motorhome. If you’d like to learn more click on the link provided :

Leisure Vehicle Survey PDF click here

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