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We recommend either of the two caravan movers we stock, to learn more please read on.

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Truma Mover XT

Davan is the only dealer in the South West to supply the Truma Mover XT.

The new Mover XT scores a first by using a brushless DC motor. This extremely efficient high-tech motors allow significant weight savings and the improved efficiency means it can be operated on a much smaller battery.

Being 5kg lighter that its predecessor the SE R and needing only a 38Ah battery means more space and more loading options for your caravan.

The Truma Dynamic Mover Technology® allows extremely precise directional stability. This is achieved by clever electronics that monitor the motors and ensure they always move at the correct speed. The effect is that the caravan moves straight ahead like it’s on rails and it easily overcomes any obstacles without drifting from side to side.

The Truma Mover XT also boasts a brand new remote control. It uses separate controls for steering and speed. This means you can drive the caravan on variable curves and control speed with precision. This is very useful when manoeuvring in tight spaces or hitching the caravan.

Truma Caravan Mover

The Caravan Mover by Truma is the newest addition to the Truma range of caravan movers. The Caravan Mover model delivers all of Truma’s extensive experience in design and reliability in an affordable package. The Caravan Mover makes easy work of inclines, uneven terrain and hitching. With a capability of moving up to 1,800kg on a 15% incline the Caravan Mover make light work of kerbs. The Caravan Mover is suitable for almost any single-axle chassis and is easy to fit – without drilling or welding the frame. Cross actuation is standard on the Caravan Mover.  To compliment their existing ‘R’ Range of product, the Truma Caravan Mover Caravan Mover beautifully combines years of tried and tested caravan mover experience, strong innovation and design, all at an affordable price.
  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Low-wear, quality aluminium rollers.
  • Features proven direct drive.
  • Soft start and soft stop for jerk-free manoeuvring.
  • Installation does not require drilling or welding.
  • Cross actuation included as standard.
  • Manoeuvre with radio remote control.
  • Moves up to 1800kg at 15% upward or downward slope.
  • Fully complies with NCC Code of Practice.
  • Fits single axle caravans, with or without shock absorbers.
  • Very light, weighs just 34 kg (incl. cross actuation device)
  • Convenient manual engagement and disengagement of the aluminium rollers from one side
  • Able to move caravans and trailer vehicles with a weight of up to 1,800 kg on a gradient of 15%
  • 5 years warranty covered by Truma
  • Power supply: 12v
  • Max. power consumption: 120 A
  • Average power consumption: 20 A

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