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Caravan Towing Mirrors – How Important Are They?

Towing Swift Conqueror

To be compliant with the law, anyone towing a caravan must be able to see 20 metres behind them and 4 metres either side of the towed outfit. In order to meet this requirement, almost all vehicles will need additional towing mirrors. To be covered by your insurance you must use towing mirrors to not void your policy in the event of a claim. 

Types of caravan towing mirror:

Towing mirrors easily fix onto your existing car mirror through a number of different fixing methods, including, suction, strap and clamp – Each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Towing mirrors are usually the cheapest and most popular option. Some caravanners report a better fit with suction mirrors, less vibration at high speeds but this mirror will obstruct some of the view you get from your existing mirror.

Many people towing caravans just fit an offside mirror – believing that to be the most important. However, if a another vehicle or cyclist draws up along the nearside of your caravan, you don’t notice them, you may end up colliding with them resulting in a potential injury to another person and damage to your beloved caravan.

By fitting towing mirrors, not only can you avoid a meeting with a Traffic Officer and the possibility of a fixed penalty fine for each mirror not in use, you can avoid unnecessary damage to your caravan meaning you are able to make the most out of travelling and relax.

Traffic Police Officer Caravan

Traffic Police looking at motorway traffic

Here at Davan Caravans, Weston-super-Mare we have a selection of Milenco (award winning) towing mirrors to view and buy. We stock clamped, suction and strap mirrors and can show you how to fit your mirror and which size is best for your vehicle. Contact us on 01934 510606 if you need any advice regarding towing mirrors or email us by clicking here!


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