2018 Weinsberg Caravans

WEINSBERG takes you to the most beautiful places on earth!

Weinsberg Logo

Sister company of Knaus, Weinsberg paired with our dealership in 2017 and has been a massive success. We’re proud to be able to sell Weinsberg Caravans.

Explore The Range Below!

CaraOne UK

2018 Weinsberg CaraOne Caravan Exterior

The CaraOne UK is technically up to the latest standard and in line with local details such as re‐retardant fabrics and features large panoramic windows that allow lots of light to enter the interior



CaraOne ICE Edition

2018 Weinsberg CaraOne ICE Edition Caravan Exterior

It isn’t just the excellent price‐performance ratio that leaves you all aglow in our new CaraOne in the [ICE] EDITION: Due to its excellent insulation, exclusive underfloor heating, and exceptional ventilation system, you remain dry and warm even in the most adverse conditions.




2018 Weinsberg CaraTwo Caravan Exterior

Then our new CaraTwo is the perfect vehicle for you. Why? The answer is simple: Because it meets your demands like no other vehicle – and, while doing so, sets cool standards for modern caravans. Style or rationality? Our CaraTwo can do both. That’s why we’ve also named it that way.”



Located in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset why not pop in to have a look at the amazing new ranges. Alternatively you can talk to the sales team here at Davan Caravans to check for our best deal, you can call them on 01934 510606 or send us an email by clicking here