Owning a New Caravan Top tips

As a first-time caravan owner, you’re all set for your first caravan trip and you can hardly contain yourself… But then the nerves kick in. Have you taken on too much? You might need some caravan top tips to reassure you.

Caravan Adventure Awaits You…

With our essential caravan tips and hints, you can ease the burden and ensure a smooth caravanning experience.

At Davan, we love caravanning and want you to enjoy it as much as we do. If you are towing a caravan, you need to make a few more considerations. You need to plan ahead… impromptu trips without planning can be challenging and risky.

So, let’s run through our top tips for caravanning. Remember, all of our tips are valuable… consider them and make your time touring safe, stress-free and enjoyable.

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Our Caravan Top Tips:

  • Travel light – Get into the habit of storing as little as possible in your caravan when towing it. Ensure that everything you store in your caravan is as light as possible.

For example, store plastic crockery in your cupboards and not products made from clay (they won’t chip, either). Check out our best-selling camping tupaware set, the Brunner Spectrum Aquarius Lunch Box Set, available on our online shop for £80; visit www.davanshop.co.uk

  • Everything you put in your caravan adds to your payload. The less weight you have to tow, the more efficient you’ll be on fuel.
  • Put it overhead – If your payload is modest, consider buying a roof box for your car. You can store items in there when you’re towing and transfer them into the caravan when you pitch up.
  • Watch the MTPLM – Much as owning a big, spacious caravan is attractive, the heavier your caravan, the more you need a big car with a big engine to tow. It’s wise to start with a light caravan with a modest MTPLM, which you can tow with a car you already own (assuming your current vehicle has a suitable weight).
  • Ditch the gas guzzler – Is the car you plan to use to tow efficiently? Towing a caravan can increase your fuel consumption by about 40%. That’s why having a fuel-efficient tow car with enough power to haul a caravan is essential. Do this, and the savings on fuel can add up.
  • Be a smooth operator – When you tow a caravan, you must adopt a different driving style. That style needs to be calm and efficient. Take it slower; give yourself time to think and plan for when you’re on the road.
  • Caravan towing speed limits dictate you must drive at most 30mph in a built-up area, 50mph on single carriageways, and 60mph on dual carriageways and motorways.
  • But, when you tow a caravan, make a mental note of anything that does not handle right about it. That might be how it moves when you’re towing. Does it sway easily, for example? Does it feel balanced?
  • Check it in for regular care – Taking care of your caravan is worthwhile. Like most products, if you look after it, you will keep up with any breaks, leaks, bashes or bumps. Keep it clean on the outside and inside, too. When you sell it, a well-kept caravan with a service is more attractive to buyers or dealers, so you should get a better price. Did you know that you can book a caravan service at Davan.
  • Keep it secure – Storing your caravan costs money but can bring down your insurance costs. Do your sums and work out what you can save on insurance depending on where you can store your caravan securely. We sell a wide range of security products in our caravan and motorhome accessories shop: Touring Safety and Security products.
  • Insure it like a pro – Before committing to your caravan, shop for the best insurance quotes. Ask the providers what they need to give you the best insurance policy at an affordable price.
  • Join a club – There are two caravanning clubs, namely the Camping and Caravanning Club and the Caravan and Motorhome Club. For a small annual fee, you get many benefits aside from being able to pitch up at their sites. You can save money on insurance, ferry, accessory, and more. The savings will pay for the membership in no time. Davan have their own club and member events: Davan Caravan Club

Many More Caravan Top Tips

There are many more caravan top tips to come. Stay tuned for more touring advice and tips from Davan.


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