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Reserve your 2022 Ex-Demo Caravan bargain NOW!

A small number of 2022 Ex-Demo Caravans are now being released by Davan with some extra offers as an incentive, to make way for our next deliveries. Now that we are well into the 2022 season, we are finding both motorhome and caravan availability is running out fast and as such we encourage anyone interested in getting their hands on an ex-demo bargain to move quickly as these superb caravans will not be around for long.

2022 ex demo caravans 3
2022 ex demo caravans

As these 2022 Ex-Demo Caravan models are here and in stock, not only will you be guaranteed to take delivery on your agreed date and with a significant ‘Demo’ discount but there will not be any further price increases, which could still affect further batches this year.

So, how can I get my 2022 Ex-Demo Caravan?

Yes, there’s always going to be a catch isn’t there. Well, these 2022 Ex-demo bargains are being sold on a strictly first-come first-served basis. So, if you wait too long, your desired model will be gone and you might miss out on one of the best bargains you’ll find this year. Many people wait for the end of the season to try and grab a bargain but they also run the risk of the model they want not being available as stock levels reduce.

2022 ex demo caravans 1
2022 ex demo caravans

To assist customers in securing a great 2022 Ex-Demo Caravan deal, the ex-demo models currently in stock in the Weston-super-Mare showground will be released for sale after June 1st. Therefore, to avoid missing out we are giving you the chance to reserve the caravan you want now, with delivery available from the start of the release date, 1st June 2022.

To view our current stock please click here! To find out how to reserve your preferred model call our sales team on 01934 524241 for details or alternatively call in to our site in Weston-super-Mare and take a look at the caravans for yourself. Ex-demo list coming soon