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Huge development has gone into the 2022 Knaus Sport 540UE to deliver so much added value.

The innovation embodied in the 2022 Knaus Sport 540UE is a true reflection and absolute proof that Knaus have made their high level of investment into the development of the Knaus Sport range absolutely worth the effort. The result is a caravan with such a low weight, it can accommodate a far greater load and will also be perfectly suitable for towing with smaller vehicles. The 2022 Knaus Sport 540UE truly represents a fabulous, high-quality 4-berth option but at an affordable price. So now, couples seeking romantic weekends away or families wanting an action‐packed holiday at the seaside, have a caravan that will absolutely deliver and more.

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A low-cost caravan delivering a high-quality experience

Generally speaking, when caravans have a low starting price, their lower-end quality soon becomes apparent. There is no way that can be said of the 2022 Knaus Sport 540UE. The Knaus Sport range packs in everything that has made its bigger cousins so successful over many decades. Not just the high‐quality exterior design features but a fabulous, high level of equipment, making the 2022 Knaus Sport 540UE so very comfortable and safe.

  • Gas locker with one-hand operation, load-bearing aluminium chequer plate floor & low loading sill
  • Optional 17″ alloy rims in exclusive KNAUS design
  • Three-dimensional FoldXpand rear construction with CATEYE evolution tail lights
  • Side walls in aluminium hammer plate finish as standard
  • Practical ServiceBox combines the complete supply technology centrally in one place
  • Robust high-strength GRP roof

Understated appearance but with high-quality detail

The very latest, automotive industry, Fold Xpand rear panel construction, incorporating flush-mounted tail-light carriers, creates more interior space within the caravan but without increasing its length. The caravan’s very unique and striking appearance is further enhanced by the dynamic, trapezoidal rear window and accentuated by the CATEYE tail lights that incorporate integrated failure sensors as a safety feature.

Great design that doesn’t sacrifice functionality

Knaus have received design awards within many caravan classes but it’s the integration of modern functionality within understated design that makes Knaus Caravans really stand out from the crowd. A great example of function within design is the very striking gas box which can easily be operated and opened using one hand thanks to the intuitive opening mechanism. This has then been made so user-friendly with a really low loading edge and the floor strengthened by an aluminium chequer plate floor.

Another example is how the TREND door perfectly mirrors the sporty exterior and yet on the inside it incorporates a Kiiper net to provide a bit more practical storage.

A beautiful, feature-filled interior

The well-designed interior of the 2022 Knaus Sport 540UE provides the perfect place for a cosy night in or a family night round the table playing games. Modern and elegant interior design coupled with subtle, atmospheric lighting and bright accents give the entire space a really feel-good atmosphere.

Numerous storage cupboards with high-quality metal handles and soft-close hinges bring an air of sophistication to the surroundings and demonstrate perfectly how Knaus have gone the extra mile. In the kitchen area, the family dishes can all be washed in the high‐quality stainless steel sink and there is ample cupboard space for the dry dishes.