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'Easy' Caravanning vehicles at Davan

With more and more first-timers seeking caravans that make it ‘easy’ for them to experience the freedom and control that caravans provide. Top manufacturers such as Swift, Knaus, Weinsberg and Roller Team have, through Davan, brought “Easy Caravanning” to a wider audience by creating vehicles that are more economical and accessible, without the need to change their every-day car or take towing lessons. 

These stylish, compact and fun caravans are so ‘easy’ to store that owners can easily get away for a last-minute weekend break or travel into the hills for an adventure-filled holiday. Plus, if you’re taking your toys with you, a motorbike or surfboard, we have an ‘easy’ caravan that will transport it. Lighter in weight but still very sturdy, they don’t require a big towing car and won’t need lots of fuel.

Contact Davan Caravan Sales now on 01934 524241 to discover the most comprehensive range of ‘Easy’ Caravans that are;

  • Easy-to-tow
  • Easy-to-manoeuvre
  • Easy-to-store
  • Easy-on-the-environment
  • Easy-on-the-wallet
  • Easy-to-enjoy

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