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A wide range of 2023 Vango Awnings and 2023 Vango Accessories have now arrived at Davan Caravans & Motorhomes. Established back in 1966 and located at the gates to the Scottish highlands, Vango knows more than enough when it comes to outdoor tents, equipment and accessories for anyone to camp in comfort. Vango provides high-quality, long-lasting equipment so that anyone, from regular outdoor adventurers to occasional family campers, can enjoy the great British countryside and survive whatever nature can throw at them. Whatever the environment, be it rugged mountains or serene campsites, Vango Accessories allow everyone to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors.

Vango Hampton DLX HI 11 large

Vango has a longstanding reputation for the design and manufacture of a range of outdoor equipment that perform brilliantly in any environment. All 2023 Vango Awnings and Vango Accessories have been designed and tested by genuine outdoor adventurers, so you can be sure your purchase is a result of expert experience that reinforces Vango’s ethos of innovative design backed by high-quality materials that deliver reliable performance and usability.

2023 Vango Riviera Air 330 EPS High11

Vango is an innovative pioneer and introduced its AirBeam® technology into AirAway™ drive-away awnings and AirAwnings™ for caravans, motorhomes and campervans. Vango has always been at the forefront of innovative outdoor equipment design and this year celebrated the 10th anniversary of AirBeam®, releasing S.I Pro single point inflation into AirBeam® technology.

Vango Awnings Riviera-330-EPS-2023-HIGH6-large
2023 Vango Riviera 330 EPS HIGH 6

Vango is also no stranger when it comes to environmental sustainability and has been proactively pursuing it for more than a decade. Vango Awnings and Accessories spares and repairs service is an excellent opportunity to refurbish your outdoor kit, giving it another lifetime of outdoor adventures. Of course, there will be items beyond repair, and when this happens, Vango will recycle as many component parts as possible to be used for future repairs. They will also upcycle as much of the fabrics as possible to reduce landfill. Their environmental stewardship extends to donating recycled tent fabrics and sleeping bag fillings to Sheltersuit UK, which are then upcycled to provide shelter for the homeless.

Combi IR Grill Compact-large
Vango Combi IR Grill Compact

Why Davan and Vango make great partners.

Davan has maintained the highest standards of quality, service and value for over 85 years. We are therefore very proud to be selected stockists of 2023 Vango Awnings and 2023 Vango Accessories, sharing the same ethos of high quality and reliability. Davan’s highly experienced Awnings and Accessories team are also on hand to provide all the help and advice you need. Our newly revamped awnings and accessories showroom at our Weston-super-Mare showground has recently taken delivery of a fantastic range of 2023 Vango Accessories.

Vango Midge 180 HI

The new 2023 Vango Accessories range at Davan

Vango Midge 180 Orange

Vango Inflatable Chair – Nocturne Grey

Vango Hampton Grande DLX Chair Grande – Excalibur

Vango Inflatable Donut Flocked Chair DLX – Carmine Red

Vango Groundbreaker Glow Peg Set

Vango Hampton Tall Chair – Excalibur

Vango Inflatable Donut Flocked Chair DLX – Nocturne Grey

Vango Anchor Steel Peg Set

Vango Inflatable Sofa – Nocturne Grey

Vango Hi-Rise Double Flocked Airbed – Nocturne Grey

Vango Granite Cypress 56 Table – Excalibur

Vango Hampton DLX Chair DLX – Excalibur

Vango 1.6 Ltr Stainless Steel Kettle – Silver

Vango Titan 2 Over-sized Chair Std – Brick Dust

Vango Orchard Bench Set Std – Grey

Vango Rowan 80 Table – Excalibur

Vango Titan 2 Over-sized Chair Std – Excalibur

Vango Inflatable Donut Flocked Chair DLX – Mykonos Blue

Vango Micro Steel Chair STD – Mykonos Blue

Vango Midge 100 one-size-Orange

Vango Sunbeam Flexi-light 2m USB Misc

Vango Combi IR Grill Compact one-size – Herbal

Vango Inflatable Sofa

Why not pop down and see these latest 2023 Vango Accessories for yourself in our extensive showroom, just 2 minutes off Junction 21 of the M5 for Weston-super-Mare? Or, if you prefer, simply give us a call, or send us an email, and we’ll be happy to help you.