Repairing a classic caravan

When Mr. Robert Magson of Clevedon pranged his beloved 1997 Carlight Caravan he believed the resultant damage had to mean an insurance write-off and the possibility of being unable to replace it.

It was while attending a vintage rally with his caravan that the accident happened. Scraping a gatepost at the entrance to the field had caused a broken side window, a broken fridge vent and nasty black scrape marks down the side panel.

“I genuinely believed, that with such an old caravan, although in great condition, this would surely be the end of it”, said Robert. However, as an existing Davan customer and knowing the high level of customer care they provide, he decided to seek confirmation from their experienced team in St. Georges, near Wesion-super-Mare.

“When I showed Jamie, the Davan Workshop Manager, he was so helpful and reassuring” continued Robert. “In 10 minutes he had removed the ugly black scrape marks with T-cut. Then, within minutes, a quick trip to the stores resulted in him unearthing a replacement fridge vent that fitted, which just left the window to fix”.

Apparently, only one company in the UK could provide a new window. Having previously sought a do-it-yourself solution from the Carlight owners club, it turned out that replacing the window would require the removal of a strip, which, as a DIY job, would mean resultant damp ingress.

Caravan repair solution
Robert Magson signing off his repairs at Davan Caravans and Motorhomes Weston super Mare

However, “Davan were again so very helpful” said Robert. By agreeing to perform the task in their on-site workshop, within the insurance pay-out, they provided a solution, which for me meant that a terrible headache had been lifted and I could continue enjoying my old but very loved Carlight caravan”.