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2020 Isabella Cirrus - Showroom

As you may know our awnings showroom is a large indoor space featuring some the latest awnings from leading brands such as Vango, Isabella, Kampa-Dometic and more.

We have new awnings in our showroom that we feel are worth stopping to take a look at.

Isabella Cirrus North Air 400

Price: £1,990.00

First we have the Isabella Cirrus North Air 400, winner of the Practical Caravan, Tourer of the Year Awards 2020 – Best Awning.

Isabella Cirrus North Air 400 winner

You might have seen the Cirrus North 400 in our online awnings shop. The Cirrus North is the newest air awning by Isabella and well worth walking around to appreciate the quality. We have one left in stock, contact the awnings team to avoid disappointment.

Awning Sales: 01934 524240

We are also display models with Carbon X, Zinox, Air and Fibre IXL frames on show such as the 2020 Ventura Cadet.

2020 Ventura Cadet - Showroom
2020 Ventura Cadet Showroom

Read our most recent blog post on the Ventura Cadet by clicking this link.

Finally we have made space for a windbreak display showing new gate and featuring a Shadow Canopy.

2020 Windbreak Magnum and Ambassador - Showroom
2020 Windbreak Magnum and Ambassador Showroom

We currently have the Isabella 4 panel available to buy with the 6 panel available to order. If you are interested in the newest awnings today then head over to our awning showroom or website, there is also the awning clearance sale with many awnings that are a little bit older models that were not snapped up when they should have been.