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2023 Weinsberg CaraOne 400 LK awarded best caravan under £20K

Weinsberg 400LK  best caravan under £20K
Weinsberg 400LK awarded best caravan under £20K

The 2023 Weinsberg CaraOne 400 LK is a deserving winner of best caravan under £20K

The judges at Practical Caravan have awarded the 2023 Weinsberg CaraOne 400 LK best caravan under 20K for very good reason. Weighing in at just 994 KG (unladen) and with its compact size, the Weinsberg CaraOne 400 can be towed by smaller cars and can also be stored that much easier when not in use.

A compact caravan, the CaraOne 400 LK breaks the rules

Despite it’s smaller size, this budget-friendly family tourer comes with plenty of storage under the seats and in the many overhead lockers. It provides a front lounge together with a central washroom and wardrobe, which are both located opposite a well-kitted kitchen. However, the crowning glory for growing families and what really impressed the judges is that it incorporates triple fixed bunks at the rear. That’s right – a 4.02m internal length caravan with up to five berths.

A lightweight tourer with underlying strengths

As a lightweight tourer you might understandably expect a fairly skimpy build, yet the CaraOne 400LK is really well constructed and very sturdy. German engineering is evident throughout, even down to the heavy-duty corner steadies. The industry-preferred AL-KO chassis can also be optionally equipped with a two-bike carrier on the drawbar.

Weinsberg 400LK 3300_W51_400-LK_IN+BP_9640  best caravan under £20K
Weinsberg 400LK interior

A touring caravan the family can call home for under £20K

The 2023 Weinsberg CaraOne 400 LK provides an amazing layout for a family of four or even five. Standard fittings provide all the essentials a family holiday needs, including a three-burner hob, fridge, gas blown heating and a Dometic flush toilet. Priced under £20K, it makes buying a brand new caravan a real possibility for families who would otherwise only consider pre-owned.

A true brit, built in Germany

 Developed specifically for the UK market, the CaraOne 400 LK is technically up to modern standards and complies with all UK requirements such as fire‐retardant fabrics. Large, panoramic windows allow lots of light to stream into the interior and it offers its own oven as an option. Other options include a foldable dinette extension, making it effortless to convert the dinette into a bed.

More can tour with the Weinsberg CaraOne 400

The 2023 CaraOne 400LK makes a really great introduction to touring caravan novices. No longer excluded by having to tow bulky units with larger vehicles, many more families can now enjoy touring holidays with lots of space and home-from-home features despite the exterior compact dimensions.