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Celebrate 100 Years Caravanning

As members of The Caravan and Motorhome Club, Davan are jointly proud to celebrate 100 years of the caravan in 2019. With more and more bookings for increasingly popular caravaning staycations, Davan are predicting record sales of new and used caravans and motorhomes this year.

More people caravaning in the UK

Site bookings for 2019 are at an all-time high. Harvey Alexander, director of marketing at the Caravan and Motorhome Club said: “The continued political uncertainty, together with last year’s fantastic summer and the warm weather we have seen so far this year, means we have seen a real surge in demand for our UK site network as people choose to explore what is on their doorstep this summer.”

Sensational deals on remaining 2018 vehicles

Davan is gearing-up to meet this extra demand by offering sensational deals on any remaining 2018 caravans and motorhomes, with savings of up to £7,500 in order to make showground space for this year’s new and improved vehicles.

Extending the Brexit Busting Deals – cash back, discounts, free accessories

Davan are also extending their successful Brexit-busting deals across the Knaus and Weinsberg range of 2019 Caravans. With such increased interest, Davan have also extended these offers across all 2019 Swift Challenger, Sprite, Eccles and Elegance ranges. (Demo models now available). Plus, if you purchase any 2019 model caravan you will also receive either a free Powrtouch caravan mover, a free Paint Seal treatment or £500 gift voucher. Purchase a 2019 Knaus or Weinsburg motorhome and get a staggering £2000 cash back on your purchase. (Please note these deals are on a first-come first-served basis and the price guarantee is only available on items in stock at Davan caravans before 29/3/2019).

Affordable holidays at home

With many more incentives for UK Caravan and Motorhome holidays such as kids under five stay free on all UK Club sites and dogs also being able to stay for free, holidaying closer to home becomes even more economical. With average site prices for a family of four (kids between 5 and 17 years old) at £31.20 for one night at peak season and for two adults at just £26.30, it is hardly surprising that given the current currency uncertainties, many holidaymakers are choosing to stay in the UK this summer.

Harvey Alexander of the Caravan and Motorhome Club continued: “It certainly looks like this year is set to be a bumper one for UK stays and it’s gratifying to see that demand is well up for all of our UK products. Wherever our members, or Experience Freedom guests, choose to stay they can be guaranteed a high standard of site and accommodation. The excellent customer service we offer will ensure they set off benefitting from our expertise and safe in the knowledge of our support.”