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Davan Shop awnings showroom

Davan are delighted to have on display a range of 2022 environment-friendly accessory products that are advancing the ‘environmental’ conversation. Quite rightly, manufacturers have quickly realised that customers seeking to spend leisure time enjoying the great outdoors would want to protect it too.

These environment-friendly ‘Show Exclusives’ will only be available at Davan for the show weekend, so get down to Davan this weekend and take a look at these exciting environmentally-friendly product developments.

The environment-friendly Dometic Leggera Eco Awning (made from recycled material) 

Dometic are taking an active role in promoting products with renewable and recycled materials. These new products will be available in 2022 and is one of many ways that Dometic is integrating future sustainability.

<strong>The Dometic Leggera Eco Awning made from recycled material <strong>

The environment-friendly Dometic Awning Dog Kennel (made from recycled material) 

Dometic have also thought about our four-legged friends and have manufactured a perfectly-sized dog kennel that will integrate seamlessly with their awnings. Again, constructed with renewable and recycled materials, this is available to view and purchase at the Davan 2022 Model Preview Show.

<strong>The Dometic Awning Dog Kennel made from recycled material <strong>

The environment-friendly Kampa Eco Tub Chair (made from recycled material) 

This comfortable Kampa Eco Tub folding chair is ideal for camping, caravans and motorhomes. The fabric is made from recycled PET bottles making it particularly sustainable. This chair has a light and stable steel frame and can carry a maximum of 120kg and includes a sturdy carry case.

<strong>The Kampa Eco Tub Chair made from recycled material <strong>

For more event information or further details on these eco-friendly outdoor products, please feel free to get in touch on 01934 510606 or Email info@davan.co.uk

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