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FREE Swift Owners Club membership

1 year free membership

Buy your Swift brand vehicle through Davan and receive a year’s FREE Membership.

If your caravan or motorhome is a brand owned by the Swift Group or is an Airstream caravan, there are some incredible member benefits available with the Swift Owners Club

  • You will be most welcome whatever the age of your outfit
  • Membership offers excellent value for money
  • Access to scores of rallies each year including several continentals
  • No problems getting a pitch, even in high season
  • Ever fancied taking your outfit abroad? Then why not come on one of our continental rallies?
  • You can meet like minded people and ‘get away from it all’
  • Year round rallying
  • 40 + years’ experience in rallying and other member services
  • Visits to Swift’s production facility at Cottingham near Hull
  • Access to Forums and Tech support

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Access to up to 80 club rallies per year

The Swift Owners Club runs on average around 70 – 80 rallies across the UK and Europe each year with the general idea of socialising, having fun and going to interesting places. These include both continental and UK holiday rallies. Each provides a great opportunity for you to relax with people who share the same passions as you.

Rallies are normally very cheap to attend. This year there is a rally fee of £5 and then a site fee of typically £7 to £10 per night. A limited number of rallies have electric hook ups and these may add around £3 per night to the cost. There is sometimes a social cost of a pound or two to cover the hire of a village hall or other costs. Holiday and continental rallies can be quite a bit more expensive as the club normally uses commercial sites with electric hook ups. Meals and tours are often included in the costs.

Themed seasonal rallies

The Swift Owners Club rally all the year round so there’s no excuse for leaving your caravan or motorhome gathering moss outside the main season. Many rallies are held October to March covering Halloween, Bonfire nights, Christmas parties, Christmas shopping, New Year rallies, Panto rallies, Valentine rallies, warm up rallies – they’ve got the lot!

Swift support and handbooks

The Swift Owners Club website hosts a comprehensive support section with caravan specifications, user handbooks, manuals & articles. They also have details of specialist parts supplier and breakers for all your Swift caravan spares – and of course you can gain access to the Swift Talk forum, which is managed by Swift.

Visit the membership website

The Swift Owners Club website.