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First time caravanners guide

The appeal of caravanning has recently grown to previously unheard of levels and as a consequence, guidance for first time caravanners has become an important and sought-after resource. With over 85 years experience at Davan, we know a thing or two about caravanning and our team of friendly, approachable experts are always on-hand to answer the many concerns we know first-time caravanners have.

Our friends at Caravanguard have also put together some great guidance for first time caravanners

with a really useful, easy-to-access series of tips and videos for anyone who is new to caravanning and is seeking online help.

Caravan Guard Beginners Guide

The tips and advice on offer cover everything from “buying a caravan” to “maintenance” and practical first-time advice, such as “tow bars” and “security”.

For anyone buying their first caravan, you’ll also find useful guidance whether you’re buying new or used. There’s also help with driving licences, checking to see if your car will be able to tow it and also how you should store it securely.

A revealing series of videos will also get you ready for your first towing experience. They also cover advice on checking that your caravan is ready to travel, hitching-up, driving tips and the all important manoeuvring your caravan when you arrive at your location.

Just remember, if you can’t find the help you need here, your friendly team at Davan will be more than happy to help.