Hubsta EV charging point is now installed at the Davan showground

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Hubsta EV charging point at Davan

In order to maintain the highest levels of customer service and customer convenience an EV charging point from Hubsta is now installed at the Davan showground. Whilst it is not a common sight to see people towing a caravan with an electric car, many of our customers use them as their daily vehicle.

Hubsta is an intelligent EV charging network supplied by Elmtronics Ltd. It is a cloud-based charge point network software platform that connects the user to the hardware. Hubsta charging stations also offer the ability to use a Pay As You Go (PAYG) feature. This means users can save on signing up to the network fully and it accepts all major credit and debit cards.

As a customer-caring business, Davan have always catered for customer convenience, ensuring that this is also coupled with the highest regard for environmental awareness. We recognise that electric vehicles will become more and more common and have therefore taken steps to support the UK charging point infrastructure. We would like any of our electric car owner customers that are visiting us, to make use of this newly-installed charging point, located just outside the Accessories Shop, whilst they take a look around.

Davan’s environmental stewardship

This latest innovation at Davan, reinforces our long-held belief and responsibility towards environmental stewardship. 5 years ago, Davan took a huge step forward to reduce our carbon footprint when we installed 240 solar panels on the roof of our building. These panels produce almost all of the electricity we consume which is an incredible achievement.

In addition to the Solar panels we have been replacing our internal lights with low wattage LED lighting, again cutting our electricity usage.

Davan will always provide environmentally-responsible business solutions and services wherever possible. Our very future lies in the enjoyment of our valuable environment and we will do all we can to protect it.