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2023 Swift Ex-Demo Caravan Sale at Davan

Reserve your Swift 2023 Ex-Demo Caravan bargain NOW!

Anyone looking for a Swift 2023 Ex-demos caravan bargain should check out the latest Swift 2023 Ex-Demo Caravans, which Davan is now releasing. These final 2023 ex-demo caravans are priced to sell with fantastic savings to make way for our next deliveries. However, the current news throughout the industry is that motorhome and caravan availability is running out fast. Therefore, we encourage anyone who wants to get their hands on a Swift 2023 ex-demo caravan bargain to move quickly, as these superb caravans will not be around for long.


These 2023 Ex-demonstrators have been used for display purposes only. They’ve been meticulously maintained and are, therefore, in pristine condition. As these 2023 Swift 2023 Ex-demos are in stock and available to view, not only are you guaranteed delivery on your agreed date, but you’ll be making a vast ‘Ex-Demo’ saving. You also won’t be subjected to further price increases, which could still affect any batches arriving towards the year’s end.

2023-Swift-Caravan-Conqueror-480 2023 Swift Ex-Demo Caravan Sale
2023 Swift Caravan Conqueror 480

Grab yourself a Swift 2023 Ex-Demo Caravan bargain now, or you may be disappointed.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to own a brand-new 2023 Swift caravan at a fraction of the price. These 2023 Ex-demo bargains are being sold on a strictly first-come, first-served basis and won’t be around for long. So, any delay and your desired model will probably be gone, meaning you’ll miss out on one of the best bargains you’ll likely find this year. We understand that prospective buyers will often wait until the end-of-season bargains appear. Still, in doing so, there is always the danger that the model they want is no longer available as stock levels reduce.

Therefore, to avoid missing out, we advise anyone looking to purchase an end-of-season ex-demo bargain to call our sales team on 01934 524241 for full details as soon as possible. Alternatively, call into the showground just off Junction 21, M5, for Weston-super-Mare and look at these remaining Swift 2023 Ex-Demo Caravan bargains.

2023-Sprite-Major-4-EB-side on 2023 Swift Ex-Demo Caravan Sale
2023 Sprite Major 4 EB

To view our current stock, please click here!

2023 Swift Sprite Major 4 SB 

Was £25,295 – Now Only £24,045 

2023 Swift Challenger SE 480

Was £29,095 – Now Only £27,595

2023 Swift Challenger SE 560

Was £31,595 – Now Only £30,095 

2023 Swift Challenger Grande SE 580

Was £34,695 – Now Only £33,195

2023 Swift Basecamp 4

Was £25,795 – Now Only £24,795

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