The Lotus Grill – for quick and easy outdoor barbecuing

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The Lotus Grill - for quick and easy outdoor barbecuing.

The Lotus Grill charcoal barbecue

The award-winning, portable, Lotus Grill charcoal barbecue is one of the safest and most efficient on the market today. Unlike a standard family barbecue, it doesn’t need to sit on legs or have a separate lid and weighs just 3.7kg making it very portable and easy to store. Complete with its own carry bag, the Lotus Grill is perfect for caravans or motorhomes, on a family picnic at the local park or even when you’re on the beach. The Lotus Grill uses battery-powered, fan-assisted heat, so it only takes a matter of minutes to reach perfect cooking temperature. Standard flame-lit charcoal barbecues, on the other hand, will often take more than 20 minutes to achieve perfect cooking temperature.

Lotus Grill Fan System
Lotus Grill Fan System

The Lotus Grill fan system

The innovative and ingenious fan system is what makes Lotus Grill the ideal barbecue for fuss-free, smoke-free cooking, anywhere you choose. Simply powered by AA batteries, you can even use it to cook on a tabletop. This unique feature makes it perfect for small gardens, courtyards, or even on a balcony. There really is no need for gas or electricity and with an adjustable fan the Lotus Grill delivers effortless temperature control. The Lotus Grill is remarkably portable and can be picked up easily and moved around while in use. Also, because of its unique design and construction, grease from food cannot drip on the charcoal and burn. It totally eliminates food burning which is often a downside with conventional barbecues. However, it still uses charcoal, meaning you can still achieve that authentic charcoal flavour with the same sausages, burgers, steaks and seafood you would normally cook on a regular barbecue!

Lotus Grill cooking time
Lotus Grill cooking time

You’ll be cooking in no time

Unlike standard barbecues, with a Lotus Grill there is absolutely no assembly required. You simply unbox it and it’s ready to go. It also comes with very clear, simple instructions with easy-to-understand diagrams on how to use it. Another great feature is that the grill exterior stays relatively cool throughout. This makes barbecuing when children are around very safe and it is therefore a perfect product to introduce older kids to the joys of barbecuing. You can also clean the Lotus Grill really easily, as both the grill and inner bowl are dishwasher safe.

A wonderfully sturdy and durable, portable barbecue, you can buy the Lotus Grill in a range of pastel colours. When you use the Lotus Grill you’ll understand immediately that it has been specifically designed for simplicity and ease.

  • German patent
  • Two year warranty
  • Ready for use in 3 minutes
  • Safe, smoke-free and healthy
  • Fast, economical, mobile
  • Available in 6 colours
  • Carry bag included

At Davan, while stocks last, all Lotus Grills are sold with a ‘free’ 1kg of charcoal and bottle of lighting gel. Our Bundle Deals contain:

1x  Lotus Grill Barbecue
1x  Beech BBQ Charcoal
1x  Lotus Grill Lighter Fluid

We also have a range of accessories that are available at extra cost.

Lotus Grill mini
The Lotus Grill Mini

Lotus Grill Mini

This is the smallest member of the Lotus Grill family, the Lotus Grill Mini. It comes with all the same amazing features of its larger family members, just smaller! This great size, makes it the perfect outdoor cooking tool whenever space and weight are issues. A brilliant, lightweight, compact barbecue if you’re going camping or hiking. It’s so versatile you could even cook with it on a small boat!

The small size and light weight of the Lotus Grill Mini (only 2.8kg ) make it ultra-portable and it comes in red, blue and anthracite. The unique fan operation is battery-powered (4 AA batteries), or when battery power is not an option, you can connect to power using the USB cable supplied. With its cleverly-designed double-skinned bowl, the Lotus Grill Mini always remains cool on the outside, so you can handle it safely, even when the grill is hot.

Mini Lotus Grill Bundle

The Lotus Grill Standard
The Lotus Grill Standard

Lotus Grill Standard

The Lotus Grill gives you that authentic charcoal-cooked flavour in no time! Perfect for smaller families and those impromptu summer barbecues. The Lotus Grill Standard weighs just 4kg and is available in various great summertime colours. Precise temperature control is made possible with controllable fan adjustments. The more air is blown onto the charcoal, the hotter it burns. Escaping sparks or embers are dramatically reduced as combustion takes place in an internal closed chamber. This very innovative, stylish garden BBQ can cook up perfect barbecue food for up to five people.

Lotus Grill BBQ Charcoal Grill Series 340 – Bundle Deal

The Lotus Grill XL
The Lotus Grill XL

Lotus Grill XL

A tad bigger than the ‘Standard’ model, the Lotus Grill XL gives you that authentic charcoal-cooked flavour in under 5 minutes! Weighing just 6.5kg, the Lotus Grill XL is a perfect size for medium-sized families or when barbecuing on the beach. It may be a bit bigger but the ‘XL’ is still extremely portable, due to its ingenious two-part construction, which also keeps the drum outer protected from the inner heat. The charcoal is always well-aerated in the two individual charcoal chambers, meaning it can be lit without hardly any smoke. So convenient and easy, the ‘XL’ comes in a range of summertime colours and is suitable for up to 10 people.

XL Lotus Grill Bundle