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Mark is the proud owner of a special edition Swift Ace Viscount which he’d bought from a dealer in Yorkshire near his former home. However, not wanting to travel to Yorkshire for any issues, he approached Davan and asked if they would be willing to help.

Mark’s first encounter with Davan was the Davan Service Manager, Paris McKenzie, who Mark explained was so helpful and customer focused and his caravan was dealt with very quickly. At the same time, Paris explained to Mark the many benefits of Davan’s service plan, which Mark was very happy to take out, as he and his wife had them for their cars and thinks they are great idea.

Touring with their new Swift caravan from davan caravans
Touring with their new Swift caravan

Since then, Mark has needed to bring in his caravan to Davan on a couple of occasions. As Mark commented, “all fairly irritating rather than anything major – but every time I have been greeted with smiling faces and very helpful staff. Your service cannot be faulted and as people are so quick to write with complaints these days, I felt it right to contact you with a really positive thank you. I hasten to add that none of my repeat visits were any fault of Davan. Everything has been repaired well”.

On one occasion, when Mark was on his way to the Midlands for business, the battery door kept swinging open, because, as Mark explains, “the lock was in bits. It was a stupid mistake on my part”. So, Mark called into the Davan shop to buy a replacement part, which, unfortunately, he could not fit himself. Mark approached Davan’s reception to speak with a member of the team, explaining he was desperate to get the battery door fixed before continuing on his journey.

Mark explained his situation and asked, “Is there anyone that can help me, whatever the cost?” He remembered apologising for being a nuisance and explaining it was his fault. As Mark recounted, “the lady who sits on the right as you look at the reception desk told me not to worry and said she would get it sorted”. Sure enough a mechanic quickly appeared, Gerry, and repaired it for Mark, allowing him to go safely on his way.

Mark discovered at the end of the repair, that Gerry had done it in his lunch hour. “What can I say?” remarked Mark, “I was so grateful and indeed surprised that someone would go to those lengths these days. I have been caravanning for 25 years and have never found a service department as helpful as yours. Thank you is the least I can say. Please would you pass the enclosed ‘thank you’ to Gerry in the servicing department?”

Revd Mark K Madeley Dip H.E., B.A. {Hons), A.V.C.M., M.I.A.M

Rector of St Nicholas with St Barnabas, Weston-Super-Mare

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