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Many environmental groups have concluded that UK caravan holidays reduce your holiday carbon footprint as they don’t involve flights, thereby making a great contribution to saving the planet. Roughly half of the ozone layer’s annual destruction is caused by commercial air traffic and plane passengers simply don’t see the relative environmental cost of their flights because economy-price flights don’t reflect their environmental impact. Aircraft are responsible for around 12% of all transportation emissions and as they are emitted at such a high altitude, they remain in the atmosphere, warming the planet, for many centuries.

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An interesting statistic is that a single return flight from Montreal to London emits as much carbon as heating a standard UK home for a whole year. Another is that the total carbon saving of a single flight can be equivalent to going car-free for a year.

The most environmentally-friendly holiday by far is one that doesn’t involve flights. If you’d like to check, visit where you’ll find carbon calculators to show you how much your flight has cost the planet.

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A very under-used option for overseas journeys is the train. The Eurostar service to Paris and Brussels have really helped reduce global transportation emissions. Eurostar have also completed plans to make their high-speed trains ‘even greener’, cutting CO2 emissions by a further 25 per cent per journey. A full train is approximately twice as energy efficient and far less polluting, than a full car.

Scientists and global climate observers all agree that UK caravan holidays are one of the most ‘environmentally-friendly’ ways to holiday. Research by environmental experts concluded that, in comparison to other methods of travel, staying in a caravan park is the greenest kind of holiday available. Caravanning is also, probably, the biggest contributor to reducing the numbers of holiday passengers on aeroplanes. Average return flights from the UK to Europe account for a massive 250kg to 500g of carbon dioxide per person. However, a family of four, travelling 250 miles in a petrol car, towing a mid-size caravan, would only create around 38kg per person.

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Another factor confirming that both basic and luxury UK caravan holidays are greener than other options is the fact that over 90% of touring caravans on the roads are made in Britain. This also benefits local employment and subsequently provides the British economy with additional revenue through the sale of second hand vehicles.

Greenhouse gas experts recently carried out research on the carbon footprint of caravan parks in the Lake District. They measured all of the carbon-creating park elements including gas, electricity generators, lawnmowers, vending machines and even the employees’ workwear. They concluded that, even when the carbon footprint of the journey to the caravan park is taken into account, UK caravan holidays are just about the eco-friendliest holiday you can have.