Youngest radio presenter in Britain?


Could Teyla be the youngest radio presenter in the UK?

A member of the Davan team, Gary Hopkins, has recently been notified of discussions in the national media and on social media as to whether his daughter, Teyla, at just 6 years old, could possibly be the youngest radio presenter in the UK? Gary has been presenting on Weston-super-Mare community radio station Wave for some time and his passion has rubbed off on his daughter. Together, they present Sunday Funday LIVE every Sunday morning from 9am – 11am on Wave WSM, where Gary and Teyla talk to guests who come into the studio. They also talk about things going on in the world and activities for people to do and get involved in within the Weston-super-Mare community. Teyla does her own introductions, reads emails and also interviews the guests. A real achievement for someone so young and we think deserving of the accolade, “The Youngest Radio Presenter in the UK”.