Ex-Demo Caravans For Sale (2024 Models)

The list of ex-demo caravans changes daily as models sell out of stock, so if you are looking for a new model caravan, why not give us a call for the latest deals?

Please call the caravan sales team on 01934 524241 .

Industry Award Winners
Stock NumberYearMakeModelBerthsRRPDemo DealCaravan page
432752024SwiftChallenger Grande 6706£37,495?View
432742024SwiftChallenger Grande 5604£35,295?View
432652024SwiftChallenger Grande 6354£37,795?View
432642024SpriteQuattro Grande DB6£30,895?View
432232024SwiftBasecamp 22£24,795?View
432212024SpriteAlpine 44£23,295?View
432222024SwiftElegance Grande 7804£43,795?View
432152024SpriteMajor 6TD6£25,795?View
431972024SwiftElegance Grande 8454£47,095?View
431962024Sprite Compact2£21,495?View
431602024SwiftChallenger Grande 5804£35,295?View
431592024SwiftChallenger 4802£29,695?View
431392024SpriteAlpine 22£23,095?View
431262024Swift Elegance Grande 8504£47,095?View
431182024Sprite Major 4 EB4£25,295?View
431172024Sprite Major 4 SB SR4£25,295?View
431152024SwiftChallenger Grande 650L SE4£37,795?View
431142024Swift Challenger 5804£32,295?View
431252024SpriteGrande Major 4 SB Grande4£27,795?View
433692024WeinsbergCaraOne 390QD4£20,780?View
433892024Swift Basecamp 33£26,295?View
433672024Knaus Sport and Fun4£28,610?View
433682024Weinsberg Caraone 400LK4£21,820?View
433662024Knaus Sport 500 UF4£32,050?View
433652024Knaus Sport 450 FU4£28,420?View
433642024Knaus Sport 420QD3£26,917?View
433632024Knaus Sport and Fun Black Selection4£30,520?View
433562024Sprite Quattro FB6£27,895?View
433552024Knaus Sudwind 500 PF4£35,771?View
433522024Sprite Quattro Grande EB4£30,895?View
433292024Swift Elegance Grande 8604£47,095?View
433282024Swift Elegance Grande 7604£43,795?View


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