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We recommend either of the two caravan movers we stock, to learn more please read on.

Truma Mover XT

Davan is the only dealer in the South West to supply the Truma Mover XT.

The new Mover XT scores a first by using a brushless DC motor. This extremely efficient high-tech motors allow significant weight savings and the improved efficiency means it can be operated on a much smaller battery.

Being 5kg lighter that its predecessor the SE R and needing only a 38Ah battery means more space and more loading options for your caravan.

The Truma Dynamic Mover Technology® allows extremely precise directional stability. This is achieved by clever electronics that monitor the motors and ensure they always move at the correct speed. The effect is that the caravan moves straight ahead like it’s on rails and it easily overcomes any obstacles without drifting from side to side.

The Truma Mover XT also boasts a brand-new remote control. It uses separate controls for steering and speed. This means you can drive the caravan on variable curves and control speed with precision. This is very useful when manoeuvring in tight spaces or hitching the caravan.

truma-mover-lifestyle photo - man using his truma caravan mover


Davan caravan and motorhome fitted air conditioning service.

Whether you need caravan or motorhome air conditioning

Davan caravan and motorhome workshop services are here to help you by fitting reliable air conditioning units to your RV.

The south of France, Spain and Morocco do get very hot

So it’s a great feeling when the climate inside your recreational vehicle can offer you a comfortable environment to suit you.

Truma’s air conditioning systems give you more control

You can adjust the cooling temperature of your vehicle exactly to your own liking.

High cooling power level combined with effective humidity reduction and ideal air distribution means your caravanning holiday is guaranteed to be a relaxing experience, wherever your dream destination is.

Powerful and efficient air conditioning with Aventa and Aventa Eco

Behind the attractive design of the Aventa Comfort are two powerful and efficient units.

It is a comfortable air conditioning system and a heat source for the transitional period.

The Eco model which is suitable for both new and used caravans and motorhomes has a powerful 1700 watt cooler with a low power consumption of just 2.8Amps.

The Avente Eco is one of the lightest units in its class at just 28kg, making it suitable for many touring caravans as well as most new and used motorhomes.

  • Particularly flat for more freedom of movement inside your vehicle.
  • Air conditioning technology optimised for low–noise operation.
  • Honeycomb-shaped air filter system cleans the air inside the vehicle.
  • Dimmable LED ambient lighting.
  • The air flow can be split so that specific quantities are fed into the front and rear areas of the vehicle.
  • Convenient remote control and programmable timer.
  • For vehicles up to approx. 7.5 m in length.

If you have any questions regarding air conditioning for your caravan or motorhome

For more details and for prices please call one of our friendly caravan and motorhome dealers on the following number: 01934 510606


Paint protection for your motorhome or caravan.

Keeping your caravan or motorhome clean is both challenging and time consuming.

Depending on the cleaning products you would normally use, many of which contain abrasive chemicals required to remove those stubborn marks such as black streaks and tree sap etc. can actually wear the paint surface down and over time leave the exterior finish looking flat.Your interior fabrics are always subject to threat of staining as a result of an accidental spillage etc. As most interior fabrics are light colours, the stains are always noticeable and off-putting. These are very costly to replace.

Why use protective products?

Paintseal is a world class PTFE based sealant for both exterior paint surface and interior fabrics, which seals and protects.

Once applied there is no need for further polishing just easy cleaning to reveal that super glossy look and feel. The interior fabrics are also easy to clean and will resist staining from accidental spillages etc. Protective sealants are covered by a Nationwide fully supported 5 year Guarantee. Paintseal seals and protects fabric seating upholstery and keeps interiors looking newer for longer. No more waxing or abrasive polishing is required.

Paintseal 2024

You can get Paintseal Direct protective products by simply calling Davan Caravans; we will take your order and arrange an application at our site in Weston-super-Mare or at your home address anywhere in the UK.

Exterior Benefits

  • Easy cleaning of grime and black streaks
  • No more waxing, polishing or abrasive cleaning
  • Seals and protects paintwork, ABS and GRP
  • Maintains a high gloss appearance
  • Higher resale value
  • Low maintenance – just wash, go and enjoy!

Interior Benefits

  • Seals and protects fabric seating upholstery
  • Easy cleaning and no stains guaranteed
  • Keeps interiors looking newer for longer
  • Higher re-sale value
  • Hypo-allergenic, non CFC PTFE formula
  • Safe product

Prices include BOTH exterior and interior treatment which is supplied and fitted by Paintseal Direct. Prices include VAT.

Single Axle Caravans – £449

Twin Axle Caravans – £499

Motorhome (up to 21ft) – £599

Motorhome (21 – 24ft) – £699

Motorhome (24 – 27ft) – £799

Motorhome (27-30ft) – £899

Over 30ft – £POA


An effective solution for tyre puncture protection

After your tyres have been treated with OKO Tyre Sealant, they will instantly become puncture free. You will then no longer run the risks of a dangerous punctures or blow out. You also won’t have to contend with all the downtime that goes with it, having to wait on the roadside for recovery assistance. For caravan and motorhome owners, there’s also the added bonus of not damaging the vehicle floor which can be caused when a blown-out tyre impacts the wheel arches. Damaged tyres impacting floors can also damage internals such as, fridges, cookers and shower trays on caravans and motorhomes.

OKO sealants will start working immediately; meaning any tyre punctures experienced when driving will be repaired immediately and permanently due to the centrifugal force combined with the air pressure. The sealant will work on virtually any vehicle tyre and a single application will protect against multiple punctures. OKO sealants will remain in the treated tyres and stay active for the duration of your tyres’ legal lives, continually protecting against punctures and repairing them the instant they happen.

For customer peace of mind, OKO tyres sealants have achieved an NCC Verification Certificate of Approval and OKO are the only authorised body to supply and install tyre sealants in the Caravan and Motorhome industry. For over 20 years, OKO has developed tyre sealants in partnership with scientific research centres, like TARRC‘s consultancy division “Rubber Consultants”, to make sure that OKO tyre sealants are suitable for all tyres and will not damage tyre casings, tyre structures or metal bracing cords.