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How to protect your caravan from a cold winter

Kampa Caravan Motorhome Cover for Winter

Caravan and motorhome premiere dealer advice for winter.

Every year there comes a time to lay up your caravan or motorhome to tuck it away safely until it is needed again.

1. Drain out the water system. Some caravans have a drain cock at the lowest point in the system, a red stopper or a yellow tap next to the boiler. If not, open all the taps and allow any water to drain out through the pump inlet. Remove the water heater drain plug or open the yellow drain valve. Open the waste caps and ensure there are no loops in the pipes holding water. Shake any water from the submersible pump. If you have an inboard tanks flush it through with a tank cleaning agent and plenty of water, before emptying them completely.

2. Look over the bodywork, windows and seals for damage or suspect sealant. Better to prevent a leak than to repair one later. And if any replacement parts are needed its a good time to order them.

3. Consider where it will be stored. Under a tree may mean that it will be covered in green moss, hard to wash off and damaging to paint. Long grass may allow mice to climb in and spend the winter. By a chimney or gas flue may stain or damage the paint work. Make sure there is no obvious potential danger to the caravan, exposure to high winds, loose roof tiles above or a near by swinging gate which could damage the caravan or motorhome. Perhaps the ultimate storage location would be inside a well constructed shed or protected with a cover. Our Caravan covers are available here and motorhomes winter covers here.

4. Check the tyres for cracks and general condition. Caravan tyres rarely wear out, they tend not to do high mileage. So more often they deteriorate through standing or just old age.

5. Secure the caravan with a quality hitch-lock, wheel-clamp, winter-wheels or a combination of them.

6. Remove valuable items. Obvious really. But also the awning and bedding to store in a well aired place.

7. Draw the curtains to deter prying eyes. Don’t be tempted to pull down the blinds, the return springs would be under tension for all the time that you store it, which could result in a dulled action when rolling up the blind or the spring may dislodge or even break.

8. Now go home and put your feet up by the fire, assured your caravan or motorhome will be ready and waiting when you need it next.

We’d also like to remind you that a stored caravan should be secure and protected from thieves. To read more about our caravan and motorhome security advice click here.