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Knaus Caravans and Motorhomes

Learn more about our range of Knaus caravans and motorhomes for sale that we currently have in stock.

Knaus Caravans for 2019.

Knaus have been building caravans in the Southern Bavarian town of Jandelsbruun since 1960. Knaus are Germany’s favourite tourist caravan brand. All Knaus products feature a hailstone resistant GRP roof. They all have a minimum 38mm floor with 31mm walls and roof; StarClass models increase this to 40mm and 33mm.

Davan sells four of the Knaus caravan range:

Knaus Caravans knaus-2017-2018-starclass-highlights-exterieur_88dab14098


Experience the extraordinary feeling of space of the new STARCLASS. On the whole, its uncountable small details provide for a sophisticated living ambience. Highest quality materials harmonise perfectly with the exclusive upholstery design and spoil you at every one of your travel destinations. And of course on the way there as well.

  • 3 piece front windows
  • Door flyscreen
  • Electric floor heating
  • Rear bathroom with separate shower cubicle
  • Separate comfort zones with the Truma Combi Heater
Knaus Caravans ktg-knaus-2017-2018-deseo-crosslink-haendlersuche


Progressive design language through innovative construction: This is how bright the future is. Our DESEO. A real space miracle with lots of nooks and crannies. Even if a majority of them are actually round – and, of course, especially practical since they protect everything that we’ve added to the vehicle’s exterior.

  • Huge tailgate
  • service module in the gas locker
  • FibreFrame
  • unique nighttime signature


Knaus Caravans knaus-2017-2018-sportfun


This is what a modern icon looks like! The SPORT&FUN is one of the few caravans that has a very committed fan base. And we believe that this fantastic new edition will be given lots more – because who can resist this sporty exterior?

  • Aerodynamic silhouette
  • Huge front and rear garages
  • Unmistakable design
  • Practical rear doors


Appointed Knaus motorhome dealer for 2019

Knaus have been creating unforgettable holiday moments since 1960. Featuring integrated, low-profile and over cab models.

With Knaus, you’ll find the perfect vehicle to meet all of your demands. You can choose from numerous models, even more layouts and lots of equipment options as well as create your own personal dream motorhome.

Knaus Motorhomes ktg-knaus-2017-2018-vanti-crosslink-haendlersuche


Designing a compact motorhome is already difficult as it is – but that it still came out looking as good as it does is a testament to the master craftsmanship of our designers. From the front to the back, the exterior of our VAN TI convinces through its many exquisite details that enable the sporty and dynamic appearance of the compact, lightweight camper van to be fully realised.

  • Hail‐resistant GRP roof
  • Practical service box
  • Modern LED rear taillights
  • Sporty design
Knaus Motorhomes ktg-knaus-2017-2018-liveti-crosslink-haendlersuche


Eye‐catching appearance, convincing equipment: even after the first kilometre it becomes evident how much dynamic the sporty silhouette of the L!VE TI contains. Once you’ve arrived, it shows its practical side with lots of room and convincing well‐conceived solutions.

  • High‐strength GRP roof
  • Progressive film design
  • Cat’s eye tail lights with LED technology
  • Practical service box


Knaus Motorhomes ktg-knaus-2017-2018-suni-crosslink-haendlersuche


Where can you begin? The SUN I is simply an impressive vehicle – from the very front to the very back. And it is already the design highlight amongst the vehicle liners. With its automotive design elements, even as a two‐axle vehicle, it has a dynamic and elegant appearance. However, the exterior highlights do not stop with the design. But why not see for yourself?

  • LED‐TV for the outside
  • Integrated rear‐view camera
  • Huge rear garage