Knaus Caravans

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At KNAUS you will discover the perfect caravan for your holidays. From the ultra‐light TRAVELINO to the exquisite STARCLASS KNAUS has something that will suit your requirements. All of our 2018 collection benefits from a manufacturer warranty against water ingress for a massive TEN YEAR period. KNAUS, made in Germany for "when you deserve the best".



The load master

DESEO: Our heavy lifter with the large tailgate was completely redesigned and inherits the revolutionary genes from THE MISSION.

Due to state‐of‐the‐art FibreFrame technology, we were able to make the DESEO even more flexible and spacious. The variable room arrangement and pioneering construction ensures the perfect balance between utility and living spaces, such that two full motorbikes can also be transported. At its destination, the DESEO then transforms into a fully‐equipped, comfortable caravan. That’s pretty practical, isn’t it?


The lifestyle loader

Our dynamic Lifestyle load master combines the best of two worlds. Progressive design and an unbelievable amount of room for plenty of action. Rear door open, bikes in, camping equipment into the huge bow compartment and off you go. Wherever you want and for as long as you like. The SPORT&FUN is the extreme sports athlete of caravans.


The multi talent

Romantic evenings together or an action‐packed time at the seaside with the family. The KNAUS SPORT simply provides added value. We invested everything during its development to attain the maximum for you. And it was worth it, because the low weight of all the models allows it to cope with additional load and is therefore also perfectly suitable for smaller towing vehicles. In a nutshell: An excellent low price alternative for all holiday situations.


Basically legend. Deep inside: adventurer.

The upgrade for design fans: the SPORT&FUN special model BLACK SELECTION now raises the bar even higher for versatile caravans. You can look forward to the trendsetter with a classy look and even better equipment at the best price. In addition, the powerful AL‐KO Vario X chassis combines lightweight construction with maximum payload reserves. A legend for over 20 years and an absolute collector’s item in the BLACK SELECTION.