Motorhome and caravan air conditioning

Davan caravan and motorhome fitted air conditioning service.

Whether you need caravan or motorhome air conditioning

Davan caravan and motorhome workshop services are here to help you by fitting reliable air conditioning units to your RV.

The south of France, Spain and Morocco do get very hot

So it’s a great feeling when the climate inside your recreational vehicle can offer you a comfortable environment to suit you.

Truma’s air conditioning systems give you more control

You can adjust the cooling temperature of your vehicle exactly to your own liking.

High cooling power level combined with effective humidity reduction and ideal air distribution means your caravanning holiday is guaranteed to be a relaxing experience, wherever your dream destination is.

Powerful and efficient air conditioning with Aventa and Aventa Eco

Behind the attractive design of the Aventa Comfort are two powerful and efficient units.

It is a comfortable air conditioning system and a heat source for the transitional period.

The Eco model which is suitable for both new and used caravans and motorhomes has a powerful 1700 watt cooler with a low power consumption of just 2.8Amps.

The Avente Eco is one of the lightest units in its class at just 28kg, making it suitable for many touring caravans as well as most new and used motorhomes.

Beat the heat with Truma Air Conditioning on your Motohome OR Caravan
  • Particularly flat for more freedom of movement inside your vehicle.
  • Air conditioning technology optimised for low–noise operation.
  • Honeycomb-shaped air filter system cleans the air inside the vehicle.
  • Dimmable LED ambient lighting.
  • The air flow can be split so that specific quantities are fed into the front and rear areas of the vehicle.
  • Convenient remote control and programmable timer.
  • For vehicles up to approx. 7.5 m in length.

If you have any questions regarding air conditioning for your caravan or motorhome

For more details and for prices please call one of our friendly caravan and motorhome dealers on the following number: 01934 510606

Caravan and Motorhome Air Conditioning