Motorhome Awnings

Introducing the various types of motorhome awnings and campervan awnings that you can buy directly from Davan.

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Motorhome Awnings.

Here at Davan Caravans & Motorhomes, we have carefully selected from the many motorhome awnings manufacturers that we consider to be the best quality and value for money models on the market today.

A motorhome awning makes great holiday accommodation.

The best way to enlarge your living space is to use a motorhome awning. Awnings bring part of the pitch next to your unit under cover. Awnings for motorhomes are typically called "Drive Away" and "Canopy" awnings. In most cases, you would be able to leave the "Drive Away Awning" on-site during the day while you drive off in your motorhome.

Motorhome Awnings Vango motorhome drive away awning galli-ii-tall (1)
Vango motorhome drive away awning galli-ii-tall
Motorhome awnings drive away Vango cruz-ii-tall
Motorhome awnings drive away Vango cruz-ii-tall

Drive away motorhome awnings

Motorhome drive-away awnings are usually smaller than full caravan awnings, but they can still enclose a comfortable space.

Drive-away awnings are self-supporting. They attach to the motorhome’s awning rail, but you can slip it off and leave it behind, taking your vehicle out for the day. Drive away awnings give you a place to take off wet clothes in comfort before getting into your motorhome. Most motorhome awnings offer enough space to sit at a table, and if the weather is accommodating you can roll up the front of the awning and enjoy the view. Larger drive-away awnings usually include sleeping cabins for extra accommodation and some can also be enlarged by attaching an annex.

Motorhome canopy awnings.

Canopy awnings can be temporarily or permanently fixed to the side of your motorhome. Permanent canopy awnings unfurl and generally have a couple of integral poles that fold down to form legs to the front of the awning.

Higher end canopy awnings can be fitted with fabric walls to enclose the space underneath.

Fitting a permanent canopy awning is usually more complicated than fitting other awnings, so it’s worth discussing this with your local motorhome dealer.

canopy awnings can still be left on site allowing you to drive off in your motorhome for the day.

Motorhome sun canopy awning
Motorhome sun canopy awning