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View our Weinsberg Caravans range now on show at Davan, near Weston-super-Mare.

If you’re looking for a 2022 Weinsberg Caravan you’ll be absolutely spoilt for choice at Davan, just off Junction 21 of the M5, at St. Georges, Weston-super-Mare. We probably stock the largest selection of Weinsberg Caravans in the region, with an outstanding range of models to choose from, ready and waiting for delivery.

caravans for sale 2021 2022 Weinsberg CaraOne Interior

With many decades experience in the caravan market, we can easily tell which caravan manufacturers will meet the high-quality standards we demand for our customers. That is why we’ve partnered with Weinsberg Caravans. We share the same ambitions – to fulfil our customers’ dreams of relaxing, care-free holiday freedom through a perfect balance of vehicle performance and price.

A German company with German engineering credentials, Weinsberg Caravans pay great attention to quality and detail. It means Weinsberg ownership and camping life is that much more pleasurable. LED garage lighting is simply one example of many modern features, together with the latest high-tech, mobile technology via the Truma‐iNet system. This system gives you the convenience of being able to regulate your caravan heating via an app from anywhere and you can even control the gas supply. Weinsberg are always thinking of user-experience and convenience, so they’ve also incorporated a centrally-located LED control unit, so the water level and power supply are always viewable.

caravans for sale 2019 2020 Weinsberg CaraOne Interior be dropped down

A newly added feature – the Dyonic Chassis

A good chassis is the foundation of every WEINSBERG caravan and this innovative feature really optimises your vehicle chassis! The Dyonic Chassis has been developed for optimum benefit. This is what we call ‘mature technology’, lightweight, durable, and resilient. With Dyonic, we are now taking the next step – and putting the CaraOne and CaraCito on an even more modern footing!

The most important details:

  • Standard feature on CaraOne and CaraCito (not CaraOne UK)
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable production
  • Inspected and tested to deliver maximum stability and durability
  • Lighter, yet so much more resilient and durable

At Davan we know what goes into the 2022 Weinsberg Caravans that make them so special. Like Davan, they are simply passionate about their caravans. We know that many staff at Weinsberg Caravans are enthusiastic campers too and therefore, like us, they know what really matters to outdoor enthusiasts when you’re “out there‟. Before any 2022 Caravan reaches the Davan showground, Weinsberg put them through their paces. It’s only through this vigorous testing that Davan and Weinsberg Caravans are completely satisfied that you’ll feel exhilerated anywhere you travel.

caravans for sale 2019 2020 Weinsberg Caraone PUH Dropped Bed made up

The Weinsberg CaraOne is undoubtedly a firm UK favourite and a frontrunner among the Weinsberg range. With such flexible equipment options, this family favourite is perfect for just about everyone’s holiday requirements. It has a new look, understated but dynamic exterior, with a plethora of interior highlights and practical features, including the famous lifting bed. With such great features, the CaraOne with its attractive price‐performance ratio is the absolute front‐runner in the range, making it one of the most popular caravans in its class.

The Weinsberg CaraOne UK, can only be labelled “Our Favourite Brit”. Weinsberg have long recognised that UK layouts are the exact opposite way around. Therefore, with this model, British preferences and desires are catered for with additional, large panoramic windows that pour so much more light into this very stylish caravan.

Then there’s the Weinsberg CaraCito, which is uniquely different again. Not just that it’s the first consistently electric caravan at Davan! No, you’ll also be amazed with the very modern and space-saving interior design, which is really worth viewing. It features gas‐free operation, modern USB ports, a compressor fridge, glass ceramic hob and electric heating.  These all combine to deliver a really modern, feature-filled caravanning experience. This model is absolutely acked with all‐electric equipment and also features air conditioning as standard, so it really delivers on the price/performance ratio.

If you would like to discuss any of the new 2021 models please feel free to give us a call and our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

 For all caravan inquiries call us on 01934 524241