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The Pilote Atlas A696G Motorhome is now on display at Davan

Pilote Atlas A696G motorhome

Discover the innovative Pilote Atlas A696G motorhome now at Davan. The Pilote Atlas is a revolutionary compact low-profile 4-berth motorhome, specifically created for today’s modern adventurers. Built on a Ford Transit chassis, this compact vehicle delivers the perfect combination of style and performance. With its 170bhp engine, the Pilote Atlas is ready to take on any terrain and will owners the confidence to set off on any adventure and explore new horizons.

The Pilote Atlas A696G is built for adventure 

Pilote Atlas A696G motorhome on the road

For anyone keen on adventurous hiking or wilderness exploring, the new Pilote Atlas A696G motorhome makes an ideal companion. Although the chassis is not what most would consider all-wheel-drive, it has limited slip differential, delivering power to the wheel with most traction. This makes navigating roads on rough terrain that much easier.

The Pilote Atlas A696D motorhome is definitely targeted towards outdoor enthusiasts with a slightly more adventurous bent. With its more robust chassis, the Pilote Atlas A696D is capable of venturing where other motorhomes fear to go, making it a true adventure vehicle that promises thrilling getaways. With 6.6m length and width of 2.2m, it also offers very generous space for embarking on adventures with friends or family.

See the Pilote Atlas A696G motorhome now at Davan

Pilote Atlas A696G motorhome inside on show

Step inside the Pilote Atlas A696G motorhome at Davan and the first thing that will strike you is the very sporty interior. The black curtains, upholstery and dark grey door, all give this motorhome a very distinctive feel that is more revolution than evolution. However, in contrast, the woodgrain tabletop, work surfaces and white locker doors, all combine to brighten the ambience.

Inside a Pilote Atlas A696G motorhome

Remarkably, the Pilote Atlas is only 3500kg, will sleep up to four people and comes with four belted seats. A drop-down double bed fits neatly up into the roof space, which leaves plenty of headroom for tall individuals. It also incorporates a very impressive sized garage with provides sufficient space for bikes and much more.

An incredible, all-inclusive specification

The Pilote Atlas A696G comes with an impressive, all-inclusive specification that virtually does away with an options list:

Exterior Design

AERODYNAMIC SHAPE: The motorhome is designed with an aerodynamic profile, enhancing fuel efficiency and driving stability.

HIGH-QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Built with durable materials to withstand various weather conditions and provide long-lasting performance.

SPACIOUS GARAGE: Equipped with a large rear garage, ideal for storing bicycles, camping gear, and other essentials.

Interior Layout

SPACIOUS LIVING AREA: The A696G offers a roomy and comfortable living space with ergonomic seating and a convertible dining area.

SLEEPING ARRANGEMENTS: Features multiple sleeping options, including a rear fixed bed, a drop-down bed over the cab, and convertible seating areas.

MODERN KITCHEN: Comes with a fully equipped kitchen, including a stove, oven, refrigerator, and ample storage space for utensils and food.

Comfort and Convenience

CLIMATE CONTROL: Integrated heating and air conditioning systems ensure a comfortable interior temperature in all weather conditions.

ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM: Includes a multimedia system with a flat-screen TV, audio system, and connectivity options for an enjoyable experience on the road.

BATHROOM FACILITIES: Features a well-designed bathroom with a shower, toilet, and sink, providing the comfort of home.

Driving and Performance

POWERFUL ENGINE: Equipped with a reliable and powerful engine to handle various terrains and long-distance travel efficiently.

ADVANCED SAFETY FEATURES: Includes features such as ABS brakes, electronic stability control, and driver assistance systems for a safe journey.

EASY MANOEUVRABILITY: Designed with a focus on easy handling and manoeuvrability, making it suitable for both city driving and countryside adventures.

Technology and Connectivity

NAVIGATION SYSTEM: Integrated GPS navigation system to help you find the best routes and avoid traffic.

WI-FI AND CONNECTIVITY: Provides Wi-Fi capability and multiple charging ports to keep you connected and powered up.

SMART CONTROL PANEL: Centralized control panel for monitoring and managing all essential systems within the motorhome.

Storage and Utility

AMPLE STORAGE: Numerous storage compartments and cabinets throughout the interior for organizing personal belongings and travel essentials.

EXTERNAL UTILITY HOOKUPS: Equipped with external utility hookups for water, electricity, and waste disposal, ensuring easy campsite setup.

Customization and Options

PERSONALIZATION OPTIONS: Available with various customization options to suit different needs and preferences, including interior decor choices and additional features.

OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES: Optional accessories such as awnings, bike racks, and solar panels can be added to enhance functionality and convenience.

The Pilote Atlas A696G motorhome is designed to provide a go-anywhere, yet comfortable and enjoyable travel experience. It makes an excellent choice for both short trips and extended thrill-seeking adventures.