Caravan and Motorhome customer testimonials

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December 2017

I tried a lot of places for my Welly Toppers and there I found Davan Caravans had them. I ordered them and, by golly, they arrived very quickly, This is a company I will look at again if I need something for field/touring.


November 2017

We bought our first motorhome, a Roller Team T590, from Davan Caravans during a visit to the NEC in Oct 2015. We picked the van up in March 2016 and right from the start we received excellent service from Mark, Issac and the team. 

The T590 has been a first-rate starter van. We have put 12,000 miles on the clock in 18 months whilst still working full time. We have visited Northern France, whizzed around Scotland’s NC500 and just recently returned from a European adventure including Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, France and Luxembourg. We also regularly visit CL sites in the UK on every available weekend. 

If you’re thinking of waiting until you retire to buy your first motorhome, forget that and just do it. You’ll never look back!

Mr & Mrs Lee

October 2017

I have now had 5th service on my van. This experience is by far the best. I had regular updates from a gentleman (name I forgot) All my questions and requests were handled with no fuss.


September 2017

Professional friendly service from a team that obviously know a lot about caravans and motorhomes.


August 2017

I would like to say a massive thank you to your company especially Sam who went above and beyond to help us. She saved our holiday and made my 6 & 3 year old very happy! – Thank you Sam!

Mrs Chedgey

July 2017


Delighted to have our Lunar Quasar back after  having some warranty damp work done. It looks as if the guys have done an excellent, job, very neat and even put the cushions and carpets back in place.
As long as it survives a few Alpine thunderstorms on our hols we will be very happy!
Please thank the service team for us. As usual they were all very helpful and courteous, and have obviously worked hard to get the job done,
Many thanks,

Julie & Bob

June 2017

Just wanted to leave a brief messages in terms of the Customer Service I received when I called you last Saturday. We have a Lunar Delta TI 2016 which we did not purchase from you but have a service plan. We are away in Scotland at present and have a number of issues that need sorting under Warranty. The lady I spoke to was excellent and very reassuring during this time of disappointment and backs up the also excellent CS we received when we had our first service back in Feb.
Just wanted to show appreciation for a job well done


May 2017

Service was excellent. Male assistant in the awning section was fantastic and couldn’t help enough, was very knowledgeable. Will be back.


April 2017

Thanks very much for an easy and quick gas certificate.


March 2017

The washing was outstanding, I was shocked to see our van so clean & very prompt service.


February 2017

Pilote G740C Sensation

In February 2015 we were thinking about a house move and it occurred to us that we could consider taking an extended break and travel for a while. We had an opportunity to use some savings to invest in a travel experience, and a little research suggested that buying a motorhome would provide a great opportunity to move easily around Europe at our own pace and with a consistent standard of accommodation. Andy enjoys distance driving so it seemed that whilst neither of us had any form of camping or motorhoming experience this could really suit us.

Our first step was to visit a dealership and look inside some motorhomes. We were amazed at how modern and practical they were and became excited at the thought of owning one. For us a caravan was never an option as we loved the idea of touring and moving around regularly with ease, and as we planned to spend most of our time abroad we wanted to make use of the thousands of motorhome stopovers, many of which are free. 

The decision to go ahead became an easier one, now we needed to decide which type of motorhome? The best advice we had was to go inside as many motorhomes as possible to get familiar with layouts and functionality. We visited caravan and motorhome dealers and shows and it became clear that for us we wanted a fixed double bed, large garage with room inside for bikes, contemporary light interior, an A-Class model to maximise living and cab space and an engine to comfortably get us up and down mountains. These criteria were borne out of the fact that we knew we would effectively be living in our motorhome for many months at a time and touring Europe extensively. We wanted to be big enough to be comfortable but small enough to access most normal routes and sites as required.  For us 7.5 metres long was about right. We also considered a left hand drive model to make driving in Europe easier, however opted for right hand drive as we think it will be easier to sell at a later date in the UK.

We first saw our perfect motorhome, the Pilote G740C Sensation, at the Shepton Mallet show with Davan. We later visited Davan Caravans in April 2015 and ordered a new model to our preferred spec and just within our budget. We took delivery of the motorhome in July 2015 and set about familiarising ourselves with a few weekend trips whilst organising our lives ready to depart for an extended trip to Europe in 2016. We rented our home, stored possessions and researched all the necessary paperwork and insurances, all important groundwork.

We left the UK in March 2016 and did not return until December 2016 to see family for Christmas.  In that time we explored France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia and Italy. On the whole we found the roads to be far less congested on the continent than in UK, obviously busier around cities and along the Med coast. 

We have enjoyed using motorhome stopovers (aires) around two thirds of the time whilst using campsites for occasional extended rest and laundry stops. Some aires are completely free with variable facilities provided by local authorities or private businesses hoping to interest you in their products. Others are commercially run with good facilities including electricity, water, and even wifi for 5 to 15 euros per night. We have found the ACSI card to be the best and most accessible campsite discount scheme in Europe up to 19 euros per night. 

We have always felt safe as we have a good alarm system, Milenco door locks as a visible deterrent and most importantly if a place feels wrong we move on.  I must stress this happens very rarely, large motorhomes are a very common sight in Europe, welcomed in many communities and blend into the background more than you might think – we have never had any theft or vandalism issues.

Our Gaslow refillable gas bottles mean we can fill up at any LPG station, extremely handy when crossing countries that otherwise all have different types of bottle and connector. An initial investment but much cheaper gas on the way round and so easy to fill.  Two large bottles last us several weeks in summer for cooking only, and around 10 days in full use including heating when there is no electricity available in winter. Our solar panel does a marvellous job replenishing our 12v battery on sunny days meaning we can stay off grid for many days at a time in good weather. Our Alde heating provides a lovely ambient warmth akin to the central heating we were used to at home, and works off electric and/or gas. An engine upgrade ensures we have no problems getting around, even in the Alps.  We have no TV by choice, preferring the radio and getting out more, but we do find our 3G/4G Mifi solution from Motorhome WiFi is invaluable to stay connected via the internet and works almost everywhere, we use Three sim cards or local sim cards. We use a sat nav but also check our maps and always think twice before turning into narrow cobbled streets!

We have had a fantastic year exploring Europe at our own pace and planning just a few days ahead at a time.  We mostly use the All the Aires books published by Vicarious Books, CamperContact app and ACSI guide/app for researching stopovers and campsites. We stay on the edges of towns and villages and walk, cycle or use public transport (usually considerably cheaper than the UK) to get around.

Has anything gone wrong? You have to be realistic, motorhomes are essentially hand built and prone to occasional issues when thrown around European roads for months on end. We had a small bumper scrape on a tight road in the Pyrenees (tractors fault!) and a small skirt scrape on a campsite rock (Andy’s fault!).  Our central locking failed (always locked fine manually with the key), our Pioneer cab stereo failed and we had a leaky boot seal all of which Davan fixed immediately on our return at no cost.  So all in all nothing that can be described as a major issue affecting our travels and we were really pleased with Davan’s support when we returned.

It is a hugely rewarding opportunity and we have had a fantastic experience that we will always remember.  We feel we definitely chose the right motorhome for us, cosy and a great night’s sleep, it really feels like home. In fact we are off again, departed in February 2017 for a few months in Spain but currently stopped in the French Pyrenees for a spot of skiing.  It’s a wonderful life, travelling Europe is easier than you think, so if you have the time and budget grab the opportunity!

Sue & Andy Harvey