A Weinsberg Caravans main dealer


Visit Davan, a Weinsberg Caravans main dealer and see what makes Weinsberg unique.

Bringing Weisnberg Caravans into the Davan fold was a very simple decision as the Davan values and their’s are so closely aligned. Through our many decades in the leisure vehicles market, we know a thing or two about caravans and which manufacturers closely meet the high standards we demand for our customers.

So, why have we partnered Weinsberg Caravans? Yes, they’re a strong German brand, but it takes more than just a strong brand to deliver a fantastic holiday: You need a trusted, reliable companion, a close friend – one who will help you discover the world!


For more than 45 years, Weinsberg Caravans have provided customers with experience, dedication and inspiration. We both share the same goal – to fulfil our customers’ dreams of holiday freedom through a perfect balance of price and performance.

To achieve this, Weinsberg Caravans produce vehicles that match our wishes in every respect: Weinsberg Caravans are stylish, rugged, and affordable. They are flexible, reliable, and family‐friendly. It’s what makes your holidays special.


Weinsberg Caravans are really multi‐talented vehicles and anyone looking for a Weinsberg Caravan at Davan will be spoilt for choice. We are proud to stock the CaraOne UK, the CaraOne [ICE] and the CaraTwo, which are excellent caravans that combine and unite all Weinsberg Caravans best characteristics.

Every Weinsberg Caravan is built to a very high‐quality and fully equipped to deliver an unbeatable price‐performance ratio. Which one becomes yours is only a matter of taste. A modern classic or an extravagant trendsetter? We’re of the opinion that whichever one you choose – you’ll be making the right choice!


So, what makes Weinsberg Caravans so special? Simply their team’s passion! Like Davan, many employees at Weinsberg Caravans are enthusiastic campers themselves and therefore, like us, they know what matters when you’re “out there‟. Before they reach the Davan showground, each Weinsberg Caravan is put through it’s paces. After all, its only then that Davan and Weinsberg Caravans can ensure that you feel on top of the world everywhere you go.


Wonderful fabrics help deliver the dreams of travel and make a significant contribution to the ambience of your holiday. At Weinsberg Caravans, fabrics are not just high-quality and perfectly manufactured, they also have that certain something in terms of style and design.

Matching the Davan philosophy, Weinsberg Caravans collaborate with only the best suppliers, to deliver that crucial driving comfort. That’s why Weinsberg Caravans only use AL‐KO chassis that have the best trailing characteristics.


Weinsberg Caravans are not just cosy, they also demonstrate significant attention to detail. Both the small and large details in design that make camper life so much more enjoyable. LED lighting in the garage and above the outside entrance door is just one example of many. Plus, the latest technology is now integrated in Weinsberg Caravans via the Truma‐iNet system. This enables you to regulate your caravan heating via an app from anywhere or even control the gas supply. Weinsberg Caravans have really thought about convenience too, with a centrally-located LED control unit, meaning water level and electronic supply is always in view. Integrated USB charging sockets provide practical charging stations for smartphone, camera etc.