The new Swift structure SMART 3

Swift Caravans smart structure

What is Swift SMART?

Swift SMART  3 is a strong timberless body frame based on proven technology. With ultra moder and desirable looks it is also presents a leading Aerodynamic shape that is highly Resilient to moisture, all is then wrapped up in a caravan/motorhome that has undergone the most comprehensive Testing to date.

The frame supports balanced side wall panels with GRP outer and inner skins, a hail resistant GRP roof and GRP outer skin to the sandwich floor; creates a full GRP outer bodyshell, making it even more resilient.

Precisionally developed, the SMART construction was only introduced once Swift were satisfied that it was truly fit for purpose.

Machine cutting is used in the manufacturing process to provide accuracy and consistency time after time, to produce a superperb quality engineered product. Please watch the Swift SMART video to get a better feel of what Swift have developed.

Experience the new Swift SMART 3 in person at the 2018 NEC Caravan and Motorhome show. Click on the NEC icon to buy tickets.

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