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Visit Davan, a Knaus Motorhomes South-West main dealer and discover truly unique motorhomes.

Knaus Live 700 MG main


Since our beginning in 1936, Davan have placed customer needs and service above all else and are therefore proud to partner our friends at KNAUS, who have been creating unforgettable vacations, with boundless passion for customers, since 1960.

For 2020, Knaus Motorhomes continue to combine decades of experience with innovative ideas to blaze new trails for the industry. When developing new vehicles, Knaus Motorhomes can rely on Lower Bavarian craftsmanship, combined with cutting-edge design and production technologies. This combination of proven principles and innovative ideas makes Knaus Motorhomes one of the industry’s most successful brands.


Knaus Motorhomes build partially-integrated and fully-integrated motorhomes. Even a motorhome with alcoves. With Knaus Motorhomes, you’ll always find the perfect vehicle to meet your needs. There are numerous models, with even more layouts and plenty of equipment options, so you can create your own personal, dream motorhome.


Davan and Knaus Motorhomes believe that one of the most important aspects of a motorhome construction is its longevity. So, to ensure you can rely one hundred percent on your vehicle, Knaus Motorhomes equip every motorhome with high-quality materials.

From ambient lighting, to high-quality surfaces, Knaus Motorhomes construct with the latest, robust and stylish materials, that far exceed customer requirements and expectations.

The goal is to design and construct a motorhome that makes you feel at home. Knaus Motorhomes therefore provide numerous possibilities for bed, bath and kitchen layouts. Just one problem: You have to decide which one.


After so many decades, Davan and Knaus Motorhomes know that an excellent motorhome is a combination of innumerable practical and high-quality details. High-quality functional solutions, like the patented serviceBox, or the drain taps for sewage and boiler. All delivered through continuous thinking and advancement.

Knaus Motorhomes also deliver luxury and convenience through a multitude of intelligent and spacious kitchen, bath and bed variations. Every one designed and implemented for the most demanding customer.

KNAUS MOTORHOMES PLATINUM SELECTION These are very special editions and the most extensively-equipped motorhomes with the best equipment. Knaus Motorhomes have incorporated high-quality extras like a rear view camera, navigation system, TV package, luxury decorations and more. All Platinum special edition models also provide a sensational price saving.