Personalised Caravan and Motorhome Video Tours on Request

Davan’s personalised caravan and motorhome video tours service is a welcome addition for many customers who unfortunately cannot visit us in person.

Davan Caravans & Motorhomes have a recognised history of being a friendly, family-run business that always puts its customers first, evidenced by their recently awarded ‘We’re Good To Go” status from Visit England for Covid-safety. However, we know that many customers are still a little cautious and unsure, so we launched this new service to help anyone interested in any of our vehicles get a very in-depth and personalised ‘virtual’ tour.

Customers can access the caravan or motorhome information on our website and click the “Personalised guided video tour request” button. This brings up a simple request form that gives us the details to complete your requested ‘personalised’ video, which we’ll aim to complete within 48 hours and either provide it via Skype or post it on YouTube, and we’ll email you a link to view it.

This means our customers can obtain their bespoke vehicle video tour by requesting to see specific features of a vehicle and have them described and explained by one of our experienced sales team and viewed from the comfort of their front room. Our knowledgeable team will also be able to highlight ‘hidden’ gems and unique innovations that you wouldn’t necessarily see if you walked around yourself.

It is the closest you’ll get to walk around any of our vehicles without being there in person. We’ll use your instructions to personalise the video tour completely, so you’ll get to see every detail you need and have one of our team explain the various features and benefits. You can then pause, rewind and replay at your leisure.